PPI Poker Review


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For as long as the online poker industry has been around, there have been new sites popping up all the time claiming to be the newest and the best there is. In that regard, PPI Poker is no different than its competition. When we begin to dig a little deeper, however, it is clear to see that when you read our PPI Poker review, this site is definitely a lot more different than its rivals.

PPI Poker began as a joint venture between Poker Players International and Tain. The site, like many other poker sites, is licensed and regulated out of Curacao. People who have been playing online poker for any sort of extended period of time will have probably heard of both these names. Tain has been in the industry since 1999 and has provided the platforms upon which so many online poker sites operate.

PPI has been in business for almost the same amount of time and has dealt with so many different aspects of the poker industry. Though we could go on and on about how both of these are fully qualified to offer top class online poker games, we will save our breath and let you find all of this out for yourself.

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Hallmark Features at PPI Poker

Tournament Staking

In the real world, on the floor of brick and mortar casinos, the concept of tournament staking is alive and well. The basic concept of tournament staking involves a poker player selling a percentage of their potential tournament winnings in order for that same percentage of a tournament buy-in to be covered.

Basically, if I were going to enter a tournament with a buy-in of $2,000 and I sold 50% of my action, another person would pay me $1,000 in exchange for 50% of whatever I win. This is something that does not exist on other poker sites and brings about a whole new element to online poker tournaments.


PPI Rakeback at PokerSitNGos.com

When you leave a table at PPI, you’re INSTANTLY credited with 35% rakeback from that session.

Another ridiculous feature is the existence of rakeback. In today’s modern world, we are seeing poker sites from all over the world either drastically roll back or entirely eliminate rakeback.

For those who might be unaware, rakeback is nothing more than a reward given to players for playing frequently. The fact that you can earn rakeback as soon as you start playing real money poker is one thing, but the real kicker is the fact that PPI Poker allows you to earn 35% rakeback.

This is a ridiculous amount and one that will assuredly get thousands and thousands of players through the door. Making this offer even better is the fact that rakeback is paid out as soon as you exit the table at which you are playing. Unlike other poker rooms which might only pay out rakeback once every few months, PPI Poker allows you to earn real money rakeback day in and day out.

Huge Welcome Bonus at PPI

In addition to all of this, there is a 100% welcome bonus that allows first-time depositors to receive up to $1,000 in bonus money. Though this is probably the last-ranked of PPI Poker’s top features, it is a great bonus and not one that should be scoffed at.

The catch to their welcome bonus is the fact that it must be fully taken advantage of within the first 60 days. What’s more, the bonus is paid out in increments of $5 for every $50 of rake accrued. Once you understand this, you can also understand that it takes a lot of poker-playing in order to unlock the bonus’ full potential.

PPI Poker Software

The software utilized by PPI Poker is created by the GGNet brand. If you have never heard of GGNet, you are probably not alone because the software is most well-known in Asia. What’s more, the software is known for catering to recreational players on fishy sites. As you might have guessed, PPI Poker is considered to be quite “fishy” in terms of the types of games you’ll experience.

What this means is that the site is dominated by recreational players who may not have the skills you would associate with online poker grinders. This may sound bad, but in reality it is great for new players and those who might just be getting their feet wet with online poker.

As for the software itself, it is compatible with Mac and PC as well as most mobile devices. Both the Mac and PC software necessitates a download, however that download will take you only a matter of seconds to complete.

Poker Games Offered

As for the specific poker variants offered by PPI Poker, there are two that can be defined as traditional versions of the game and two that you might not have ever heard of before. Across stake levels ranging from small to large, you will find Omaha and Texas Hold’em. To give you an idea of what the site traffic at PPI Poker is like, there is almost never a point in time where there are less than 2,000 players on the site. At peak hours, the number of players regularly exceeds 5,000 players.

Fortune Spin N Go’s

As for the original poker variants, the first you will find is known as Fortune Spin. Though not the simplest game to describe, Fortune Spin is made up of a combination of Sit-n-Go poker and a prize wheel game. The game is played with 3 players, but before actual poker play begins the wheel is spun. When the wheel comes to rest, the result will determine what the 3 players are playing to win.

2 of the results will see the hand’s winner walk away with 4x the size of the pot (42% probability) or 8x the size of the pot (8% probability). The third potential outcome is a fortune cookie symbol. If this happens, a round of poker is never played. Instead, you are given a fortune cookie with what is known as a cookie card inside. If you play enough, you will eventually accrue all 10 cookie cards, at which point you will be awarded a cash prize.

All-In or Fold Games

The last version of poker you will find at PPI is known as All-in or Fold. As the name implies, All-in or Fold is a game of poker where the only decisions a player must make are to go all-in or fold. This makes for exciting play and is a wholly unique game. The cool part of this game is that there is an AOF Jackpot. If you get a Royal Flush in Omaha or a Straight Flush in Hold’em, you will earn the opportunity to get all or some of the listed jackpot.

Tournament Types

PPI Tournament GuaranteesAt PPI Poker, you will find a host of tournaments that are held in various intervals. There are in upwards of 30 tournaments held on a daily basis. Red Series tournaments are held at peak hours of the day and also feature some of the highest buy-ins and payouts. In total, these 6 tournaments account for a prizepool totaling at least $30,000 day in and day out.

Blue and Green Series tournaments are held at most other parts of the day and have varying buy-in amounts and prize pools. The Blue Series of tournaments, for example, has buy-ins as low as $9 while simultaneously hosting a tournament with a buy-in of nearly $50. The same can be said of the Green Series, however the largest buy-in as far as Green Series tournaments are concerned is $95.

In addition to all of these tournaments, you can earn your way into competition by way of satellites held just prior to the tournament beginning. To make what can be a long story quite short, there is a plethora of tournaments available at PPI Poker. On top of this, tournament buy-ins and guarantees are doubled on Sundays. The complete tournament schedule is as follows:

Event Time (UTC+00:00) Buy-in ($) Guarantee ($)
Daily Red $50 11:00 $47.50+$2.50 $3,000
Daily Rebuys $30, 4K GTD 12:00 $28.50+$1.50 $4,000
Daily Red $80 13:00 $76+$4 $5,000
Daily Red $150 14:00 $142.50+$7.50 $8,000
Daily Rebuys $50, $5K GTD 15:00 $47.50+$2.50 $5,000
Daily Red $100 16:00 $95+$5 $5,000
Daily 6-Max $10 17:00 $9+$1 $500
Daily Blue $20 18:00 $19+1 $800
Daily Rebuys $5, $500 GTD 18:00 $4.75+$0.25 $500
Daily Blue $50 19:00 $47.50+$2.50 $2,000
Daily 6-Max $30 19:00 $28.50+$1.50 $1,200
Daily Blue $100 20:00 $95+$5 $3,000
Daily Blue $10 20:00 $9.50+$0.50 $500
Daily Blue $40 21:00 $38+$2 $1,500
Daily Rebuys $10, $800 GTD 21:00 $9.50+$0.50 $800
Daily Blue $25 22:00 $23.75+$1.25 $1,000
Daily Blue $5 23:00 $4.75+$0.25 $300
Daily 6-Max $50 00:00 $47.50+$2.50 $2,000
Daily Green $100 01:00 $95+$5 $3,000
Daily Green $10 01:00 $9.50+$0.50 $500
Daily Green $40 02:00 $38+$2 $1,500
Daily Rebuys $8, $800 GTD 02:00 $7.60+$0.40 $800
Daily 6-Max $10 03:00 $9+$1 $500
Daily Green $20 04:00 $19+$1 $800
Daily 6-Max $40 05:00 $38+$2 $1,500
Daily Green $15 06:00 $14.25+$0.75 $650
Daily Green $25 07:00 $23.75+$1.25 $1,000
Daily 6-Max $20 08:00 $19+$1 $800


Banking Options

Credit Cards

Visa and Mastercard are just two of the major credit cards accepted at PPI Poker. There are other credit cards accepted, however this all depends upon where you reside. PPI does well to notate that while they charge fees on credit card deposits, you may be subject to additional fees levied by the credit card company itself. On top of all of this, it is commonplace that the same credit card you used to make a deposit can also facilitate a withdrawal.


Presently, Neteller and Skrill are the two preferred e-wallets as far as PPI Poker is concerned. Both are able to facilitate transactions, however whether you choose one or the other depends upon the laws regarding the country in which you reside.

Bank Transfers

Finally, you can use Trustly to make deposits and withdrawals via a direct bank transfer at PPI Poker. Trustly is the number one bank transfer resource used by online casinos and online poker rooms the world over. Typically, a bank transfer deposit or withdrawal is something that is used when you are attempting to transact large sums of money.

As for customer service, their staff can be reached via their email address support@ppipoker.net. They are known for responding fairly quickly.