Brian Hastings Earns WSOP Win; Plus Side Bet Cash

Image result for wsopBetting on yourself is always a safe bet, especially when you have confidence in your skills. Brian Hastings never hesitated to bet on himself during World Series of Poker game play and now has a new WSOP bracelet and some side cash to spend. Hastings recently competed in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud event of the 2015 WSOP and was able to outlast the field to earn the first place win plus a few extras.

After the win, Hastings felt great about his accomplishment. Commenting on the win, Hastings stated that this type of event is something that a lot of older and more established players would take part in and he feels good as he had high expectations for himself in this event. The pro was not very good at Stud and had to work for many years to feel good about his game play.

During the start of this year’s WSOP, Hastings had been on Twitter and taking bets with other players as to how well he would do in events. Thanks to the side bets and his win, Hastings now will be receiving more than $400,000 for his effort. He is earning twice the money for the event with the side bets but will not be stating who the wagers were with.

With the win, Hastings has earned more than $1.1 million during WSOP game play and earned his fifth cash out this year. The 26 year old has done quite well and shows no sign of stopping as he moves on to additional WSOP events.

Final Results:

  1. BrianHastings – $239,518
  2. ScottClements – $148,001
  3. Dan Kelly – $92,691
  4. Chris George – $67,114
  5. Oxana Cummings – $52,453
  6. Harley Thrower – $41,829
  7. Mikhail Semin – $33,967
  8. Max Pescatori – $28,031



Shaun Deeb Earns First WSOP Bracelet

Image result for wsop 2015Shaun Deeb is no stranger to earning massive prizes due to his poker game play. In both online and tournament game play, Deeb has successfully made a name for himself. Despite his success, the pro was never able to earn a WSOP gold bracelet that is until this past Saturday.

On June the 6th, Deeb competed in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em Championship and managed to earn the first place win, capturing his very first WSOP gold bracelet. After the event was over, Deeb was felt as though he had proven himself by winning on the biggest stage of all. He wanted to cross off a WSOP win from his list for quite some time and has now been able to do so.

The event saw 128 players competing and many top players were in play including Paul Volpe, Sam Stein, Greg Merson, Jason Les and Jason Koon. Deeb would begin the final day of the tournament holding the 4th spot in chips and would then finally face Volpe in heads up play.

Deeb would gain the chip lead and would make a move that would lead to the final hand. By raising 120,000 from the button, Volpe would call and see a flop of A-5-2. After the flop, Volpe would wager 130,000 and Deeb would call. A 7 on the turn would see Volpe betting 290,000 and Deeb called. A 5 on the river would pair the board and Volpe would bet 1,080,000 with only 10,000 left in his chip stack.

Deeb would move all-in and Volpe would push in the remainder. Deeb showed pocket aces for a rivered full house and claim the first place win.

Final Results:

First                       Shaun Deeb                       $318,857

Second                 Paul Volpe                          $197,048

Third                      Jason Les                             $142,747

Fourth                  Sam Stein                            $105,364

Fifth                       Gregory Merson              $79,182

Sixth                      Dario Sammartino            $60,545

Seventh               Kristijonas Andrulis         $47,081

Eighth                   Ismael Bojang                    $37,227

Ninth                     Jason Koon                         $29,911




Hollywood Celeb Makes WSOP Final Table

The 2015 World Series of Poker is in full swing and many celebrities and sports stars take part in the many tournament events, alongside the top pros in the industry. Some celebs, even make the game of poker a pastime or secondary career. It was just recently revealed that actor James Woods has earned a spot at the final table while competing in the No Limit Hold’em Shootout event.

The $3,000 buy-in is chump change for the actor who has starred in countless hit movies. In the event, which began on Wednesday, Woods was able to outlast the competition and make it to final table play. On Twitter, Woods posted that ‘Life is Good’ with updates to the WSOP event.

In this tournament, players must win at their table to advance to the next round of competition. Basically the Shootout is a series of single-table tournaments and the winner will take home a gold bracelet, the most coveted prize of the WSOP. Woods defeated poker pro Athanasios Polychronopoulos in heads up play on Thursday to move on to Friday where he took on Doug Polk. Woods would be victorious and move on to the next round, final table play.

Final table play continued over the weekend and Woods winning streak would end. The famous movie star would go out in 7th place but would be happy to have earned his first final table appearance in the WSOP. In the end it would be Nick Petrangelo who defeated Jason Les to earn the first place win that included the gold WSOP bracelet.

This would be a first bracelet for Petrangelo and would help the pro earn over $1 million for the year in tournament winnings. The action continues as more pros and celebrities hit the gaming tables to take part in the best events in the poker industry!



SCOOP Bounties Prove Profitable for One Online Player

pokerstarsThe Spring Championship of Online Poker is a top online poker series offered by PokerStars that allows players to enjoy online poker gaming with many tournament selections to choose from. Players can log online and easily take part in moderate tournaments or even high stakes to try and take down a massive title win. During the final weekend of the series, one player was able to earn a nice payday thanks to a heads up deal as well as tournament bounties.

In the $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Variable Level Progressive Super Knockout event, online player ale6ka also known as Aliaksei Boika, was able to earn a payday of $150,000 after meeting a deal in heads up play as well as earning $40,000 in bounties.

This tournament’s structure is quite unique in the fact that the variable levels set an initial level of short time frames that will increase as the tournament progresses. The event maxed out at 20 minute levels. Boika was the leader up until the heads up play round began and had an almost 2 to 1 chip deficit. After an hour of game play, the two decided to cut a deal which would leave $15,000 in cash remaining on the table.

By the end of the tournament, the opponent, hhecklen, was all-in with J-2 and was met with Boika’s K-3 with a call. A three on the river gave Boika the win and the extra cash plus the title of the SCOOP event. Each player who made the final table were able to earn a cash prize as well as a pretty penny with bounties by taking out other players.

Final Results:

Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika (Belarus): $111,061 + Bounty of $40,213

hhecklen (Denmark): $91,558 + Bounty of $32,400

Katz0r (United Kingdom): $62,935 + Bounty of $11,750

Kamchatka 1 (Switzerland): $42,980 + Bounty of $15,191

psyhoagromor (Ukraine): $30,700 + Bounty of $17,632

1nvoker (Ukraine): $19,648 + Bounty of $9,250



Mississippi Gaming Official Says Online Gaming No Time Soon

Efforts are taking place across the US with individual states trying to pass online gaming legislation. The state of Mississippi has been part of the discussions, with officials looking to provide online gaming options for visitors as well as residents of the state. However, according to recent reports, the state may be far from offering such gaming as online poker in the near future.

The House Gaming Committee chairman recently stated that sports betting and lottery gaming have a better chance of being allowed in the state before poker gaming. The state of Mississippi is one of just a few that do not already offer lottery gaming. Back in February, online poker legislation died after being on the table for a very short period of time.

Representative Richard Bennett feels as though it is too early for the state to be looking for online gaming. Bennett says that only a half the state has access to a computer or internet so efforts to offer online gaming at the present time would be unrewarding.

The casino industry of the state in regards to land-based gaming has also been in a slump, earning less than in years past. Many lawmakers are looking at how online gaming can be expanded to try and bring in additional revenues. In 2014, gamblers paid $2.07 billion in casino gaming which is about $70 million less than what was earned in 2013. The revenues have continued to decline over the years with facilities shutting down after less than stellar revenues.

Just last year the Harrah’s Tunica Hotel & Casino shut down as well as the Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant of Biloxi. The state still has over 24 casinos and will continue to make plans on what can be done to help the gambling industry as it struggles to get back on its feet.



SCOOP Begins at PokerStars

pokerstarsBeginning this past Sunday, the Spring Championship of Online Poker is in full swing at PokerStars, allowing players to compete in massive online poker tournaments featuring high quality gaming formats and prizes. The series will host a total of 46 events with 138 tournaments in the mix. This series is unique as players have the opportunity to take part in a tournament event with three levels of buy-ins. This makes the series affordable to every player.

The series began on May 10th and will continue until the 24th.  Players will be able to choose from a low, medium and high buy-in level with every event. This means players can choose their buy-in and pay more or less for a given event.

The highlight of the series will of course be the main event which will have a low buy-in of $109, a mid buy-in of $1,050 and a high buy-in of $10,300. The tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool worth $4 million with the winner earning a $1 million prize!

Along with the regular events, players will able be able to take part in additional gaming options. On the 22nd of May, the series will host an All-in Shootout Deposit Raffle. Players will need to deposit from now until the 21st to take part. Any player who makes a deposit within this time frame will be in the running for a seat to the Main Event. Each seat is worth $10,300, a mighty fine prize just for competing after making a deposit! Also up for grabs is free entries to the medium and low Main Events, with 2,000 seats being given away.

The series will also feature a leaderboard competition with tickets to the World Championship of Online Poker as well as cash up for grabs. The winner of the leaderboard will be heading to the Caribbean as a seat to the 2016 PCA will be given away.

2015 EPT Grand Final Super High Roller Title Win Goes to Erik Seidel

Poker pro Erik Seidel has proven once again why he is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. After taking part in the 2015 European Poker Tour Grand Final event, the pro has earned a first place finish and a huge prize of over €2,000,000. The event had a buy-in of €100,000 and was a super high roller tournament in no limit hold’em format. The pro would have to take down 19 year old Dzmitry Urbanovich before he would earn the first place win, his 28th career title.

By earning the massive first place win, Seidel was able to push his total tournament earnings up to just over $24 million. He has essentially passed Phil Ivey on the all-time money list for tournament poker, moving to the 3rd spot on the list.

When the final table of the Super High Roller event began, Seidel would be 5th in chips with 8 players vying for the top spot. After the first six were eliminated, Seidel would remain to face Urbanovich in heads up play. The two would battle for 94 hands before Seidel would claim the victory.

On the final hand, Seidel held a chip advantage of over 2 to 1, placing him in the prime position to earn the win. Urbanovich would limp in with K-9 off-suite and Seidel would bet with pocket 10s. Urbanovich would then move all in and Seidel would call. The board fell Q-8-2-3-7, giving Seidel the pair and the win. Both players fought well but Seidel was able to use his skill to pull ahead and earn the victory.

Final Results:

First                       Erik Seidel                                           $2,250,999

Second                 Dzmitry Urbanovich                        $1,616,027

Third                      Max Altergott                                    $1,050,429

Fourth                  Dario Sammartino                            $792,597

Fifth                       Igor Kurganov                                    $615,534

Sixth                      Thomas Muehleocker                    $477,122

Seventh               Fedor Holz                                          $377,028

Eighth                   Scott Seiver                                        $292,462



Hard Rock Tulsa to host special Poker Series this week

The RunGood Poker Series is hitting the poker rooms hard across the United States with players have the option to compete for major cash prizes. The recent event at the Horseshoe Casino located in Iowa was a huge success and now this week, the series will move on to the Hard Rock Tulsa, hosting a main event with $100,000 up for grabs.

Starting on the 22nd of April, the series will host five side events and the main event. The Oklahoma casino will see five days of poker game play with the main event rounding out the series stop, offering up a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool.

The President of RunGood, Tana Karn, stated that the most exciting aspect of the tournament series is the people. Every time an event is hosted, Karn says it is like a summer camp reunion. Players are sure to have a great time and the schedule is value-filled for players to enjoy.

Before the tour stop, the Hard Rock Tulsa hosted a promotion to help players who live near the venue to earn buy-ins to the events. Players who played poker at the venue in cash games and earned 200 hours of live game play were given $700 in poker chips which could be used for the Poker Series by RunGood.

Also taking place during the series will be the RG Pro Bounty series. In this event of the series, there will be an additional bounty offered on top of the prize pool. 12 RG pros will be taking part in the event and will have randomly assigned bounties on their heads, with the amounts placed in an envelope. The amounts of the bounty will start with gear by RunGood and go as high as $1,000 in cash. Just simply knock out a pro to earn a bounty prize!



Prison Time Ahead for Former NYPD Sergeant’s Illegal Poker Activity

Ralph Mastrantonio is a former NYPD Sergeant who now faces jail time for his actions involving illegal poker game play. Mastrantonio could spend as much as five years in prison after being convicted of operating illegal poker gaming in Staten Island.

Mastrantonio was convicted of dealing cards during illegal Texas Hold’em poker games at a facility known as 5th Street. The gambling den was located on Arthur Kill Road and would bring in large sums of money each night in rake while serving booze and food to players.

The probe first began into the gambling den back in 2011 when the district attorney’s office of Queens was given information that a detective of the NYPD was associated with organized crime with illegal gambling. Richard Palase, the detective, was busted during the probe and plead guilty and is now awaiting sentencing.

The defense lawyer in this case, Daniel Bibb, has been ridiculing the investigation stating that the defendant was not close to organized crime. Six gambling dens were infiltrated during the investigation and several former officials of the local fire department as well as police department were found to be taking part in the illegal gambling of the dens.

In the case, the prosecution stated that individuals cannot just open a casino in a commercial building, even on Staten Island, and deal cards in an unlicensed environment. This is an illegal activity that will not be tolerated in the state of New York.

At fifty five years of age, Mastrantonio now faces five years in prison for his part in the illegal gambling ring. He was convicted just last week and will be sentenced at later date. More information will be made available as the sentencing of Mastrantonio attends his sentencing. It would not be surprising to see him earn time in prison for his actions.

Maryland Live! To Host Mid-States Poker Tour

Season 6 of the Mid-States Poker Tour began in January and over the past few months, events have been quite successful on the tour. The new season will now offer a new stop at Maryland Live! a venue located in, you guessed it, Maryland! The tour will stop in Hanover beginning today to host a long series of events until the 19th. The full schedule will offer gaming for all skill levels with affordable buy-ins and top cash prizes.

The tour stop will begin with side events as well as qualifiers and super satellites for the $1,110 Main Event. There will be three starting flights taking place so players have plenty of time to get in on the action. The Main Event is set for the 16th to the 18th of April with players from the state of Maryland as well as around the United States coming in to take part.

Bryan Mileski is the owner and operator of the Mid-States Poker Tour and stated that the tour is very excited to be hosting an event at Maryland Live!, one of the top gaming venues in the country. Mileski stated that the venue has become a top poker destination and they are excited for the MSPT to be hosting a stop here for the very first time.

Date                             Event                                                                                           Buy-in

April 6                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1a              $170

April 6                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1b             $170

April 7                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1c              $170

April 7                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1d             $170

April 8                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1e             $170

April 8                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1f              $170

April 9                          Laurie DeYoung Charity Event                                                    $100

April 9                          Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1g             $170

April 10                        Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Flight 1h             $170

April 11                        Double Green Chip Bounty $125K Guarantee Day 2  —

April 12                        Double Black Chip Bounty ($200) $75K Guarantee                     $500

April 12                        Super Satellite                                                                             $65

April 12                        Super Satellite                                                                             $65

April 13                        PLO Black Chip Bounty ($100) $20K Guarantee                         $340

April 13                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 13                        Super Stack Hyper Turbo $15K Guarantee                                 $200

April 14                        PLO & PLO 8 or better                                                                $250

April 14                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 14                        Double Green Chip Bounty $20K Guarantee                              $150

April 15                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 15                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 15                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 16                        Main Event Qualifier                                                                    $250

April 16                        MSPT Main Event Day 1a                                                            $1,110

April 17                        Hyper Turbo Qualifier                                                                 $150

April 17                        MSPT Main Event Day 1b                                                           $1,110

April 18                        Hyper Turbo Qualifier                                                                 $150

April 18                        MSPT Main Event Day 1c                                                            $1,110

April 19                        MSPT Main Event Day 2                                                             —