Michigan Senator Fighting for Fantasy Sports as Game of Skill

For years, poker players have tried to have the game classified as a game of skill. When it is, the game can usually bypass laws and be played at home, casinos, basically anywhere. One senator in the state of Michigan is now taking the game of skill fight to fantasy sports to see Michigan continue to offer the activity.

Senate Bill 459 was created by State Senator Curtis Hertel and if passed, would take action against fantasy sports in Michigan. The activity would be considered illegal, when currently there is nothing that bans the activity within the state.

In the state, it is illegal to have unregulated betting on games of chance. If fantasy sports could be classified as a game of skill, the activity would be legal in the state, even for wagering. Hertel recently released a statement on his beliefs stating that in a three week time span as many as 1 million citizens in the state will be gathering to draft fantasy football teams. Hertel feels there is no legislation in place to protect citizens who participate in fantasy sports. The Senator wants to ensure citizens of the state are protected.

Fantasy sports creates about $3 to $5 billion in revenues each and every year with as many as 57 million people in the United States taking part. Michigan residents are among those who enjoy the activity and the senator wants to ensure that everyone can take part with the proper regulations in place.

It will be interesting to see how far the legislation moves in the state. While most states are focused on poker or casino gaming, land-based and online, Michigan just wants to be able to participate in sports betting on fantasy sports teams without any retribution. The bill will now be considered and must move forward before it can become law.

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