Online Poker Site Moves Forward via Native American Tribe

Yesterday, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma announced they are moving forward with their online casino gaming site. The first phase has started with the platform having been created, offering poker, pull-tabs and bingo. Residents in the United States can take part in the gaming options except individuals located within the state of Oklahoma. International markets are also not able to take part.

The new games such as poker are free to play. The tribe plans on offering a real money gaming site in the near future, possible as soon as August. The site is currently operating at According to the tribe, the second phase will see more games added, with real money game play offered for international markets.

Currently, only three states in the US offer real money online gaming, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. The Iowa Tribe has two land based casinos that are located in the state of Oklahoma, one the Ioway Casino Resort and the other the Cimarron Casino. The tribe has close to 800 members.

In November, a ruling was made by an arbitrator that stated that online poker site would not be violating the gaming compact with the state of Oklahoma but the tribe did need to have the ruling certified by an Oklahoma City United States District Court Judge. The certification was given and the tribe was able to move forward with online gaming plans.

The tribe has worked with Universal Entertainment for software development and plans on completing phase three after the second phase, providing the gaming options for cruises and international flights. This could happen as soon as 2017.

The Arapaho and Cheyenne Tribes, also of Oklahoma, did have plans to launch but were objected by the United States government, not being allowed to do so. For now, the Iowa Tribe will be the only one offering such gaming options.

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