SCOOP Bounties Prove Profitable for One Online Player

pokerstarsThe Spring Championship of Online Poker is a top online poker series offered by PokerStars that allows players to enjoy online poker gaming with many tournament selections to choose from. Players can log online and easily take part in moderate tournaments or even high stakes to try and take down a massive title win. During the final weekend of the series, one player was able to earn a nice payday thanks to a heads up deal as well as tournament bounties.

In the $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Variable Level Progressive Super Knockout event, online player ale6ka also known as Aliaksei Boika, was able to earn a payday of $150,000 after meeting a deal in heads up play as well as earning $40,000 in bounties.

This tournament’s structure is quite unique in the fact that the variable levels set an initial level of short time frames that will increase as the tournament progresses. The event maxed out at 20 minute levels. Boika was the leader up until the heads up play round began and had an almost 2 to 1 chip deficit. After an hour of game play, the two decided to cut a deal which would leave $15,000 in cash remaining on the table.

By the end of the tournament, the opponent, hhecklen, was all-in with J-2 and was met with Boika’s K-3 with a call. A three on the river gave Boika the win and the extra cash plus the title of the SCOOP event. Each player who made the final table were able to earn a cash prize as well as a pretty penny with bounties by taking out other players.

Final Results:

Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika (Belarus): $111,061 + Bounty of $40,213

hhecklen (Denmark): $91,558 + Bounty of $32,400

Katz0r (United Kingdom): $62,935 + Bounty of $11,750

Kamchatka 1 (Switzerland): $42,980 + Bounty of $15,191

psyhoagromor (Ukraine): $30,700 + Bounty of $17,632

1nvoker (Ukraine): $19,648 + Bounty of $9,250



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