One Drop High Roller Event Creates $14million+ Prize Pool

Image result for wsopWhen the World Series of Poker rolls around, poker players know to expect certain events. The schedule is basically the same with a few tweaks and changes each and every year. This year, the WSOP brought back the Big One for One Drop in the form of the One Drop High Roller event. The series tournament had a buy-in of $111,111 of which $11,111 would be placed in a donation fund for the One Drop Foundation.

This year, the event saw 135 players register and created prize pool of $14,249,925. With the donations of each buy-in, over $750,000 was raised for the One Drop Charity. The top sixteen players will earn a payday with players earned at least $251,000+ with a first place prize of just over $3.9 million.

In the event, amateurs as well as pros have signed on to try and earn the massive first place prize. Included in game play are Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Anthony Gregg, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Galfond. Play will only take place for 2 days, creating a speedy tournament for those participating.

By the end of day one, last year’s Big One For One Drop champion Daniel Colman was the chip leader with only 46 players remaining. Notable players holding high chip counts including Phil Hellmuth, Sorel Mizzi and Andrew Lichtenberger.

Play begins again today with the winner announced as soon as the final two go head to head. It will be interesting to see who earns the first place finish, be it a pro or amateur player. After his event concludes, the WSOP will still have a few choice events before the Main Event begins and the series will conclude until the Main Event concludes in the fall. We will continue to cover this event and many more as the WSOP comes to a close.

42 Players Competing in $1 Million Big On for One Drop

$1 million is a large sum to pay for any reason but especially to compete in a poker tournament. However, 42 people paid the amount to be able to compete in the 2014 WSOP charity event, the Big On for One Drop. The tournament was the most expensive in the series over the past two years and saw both amateurs and pros competing.

The event kicked off yesterday and had a 56 player cap which was more than the 48 players that competed in 2012, when the event had a buy-in of $1 million as well. However, the cap was not reached and was not really surprising considering the amount paid to compete. Guy Laliberte is one of the organizers of the event and he stated that it can be difficult when you are creating a similar event in the second year. He was happy the event reached 40+ players as it is a lot of money for the One Drop charity.

For every $1 million buy-in, $111,111 goes to the charity which helps people in poor countries to have clean drinking water. While the charity gets a large amount of cash, players are also competing for a large amount of cash and this can be why the event is so enticing. Players are also intrigued by the event because a WSOP bracelet can be won as well as the opportunity to compete in a talked-about event.

First place should be somewhere around $16 million, which is a staggering, amount and it will be interesting to see who will be able to claim the prize. A few of the players competing in the event include:

Vanessa Selbst

Phil Ivey

Sam Trickett

Phil Galfond

Erik Seidel

Jason Mercider

Antonio Esfandiari

John Juanda

Cary Katz

Rick Solomon

Greg Merson

Erick Lindgren

Gabe Kaplan



Poker Pro Pays $1 Million Buy-in with Cash

In most cases, poker pros have the money to compete in major poker tournaments. However, most do not pay for a large buy-in in cash! The 2014 World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop has a $1 million buy-in and now a poker pro has showed up with the large amount in cash to pay his way in a big way!

Jean-Robert Bellande is a player who is loved by fans and pros alike. The poker pro took to Twitter last night to state he was going to have a huge announcement about the WSOP this summer and had the hashtags #brokeliving and #brokedrop.

This lead followers to believe the post might have something to do with the One Drop and just a few hours later Bellande posted a photo of himself with the cash paying for the buy-in. In his post, Bellande stated ‘There goes a milly! I just bought into the 1-Drop. If I win this it’ll be brokeliving no more…’

So now, it looks as though the pro will be hitting the felt with major players in the game in the hopes of becoming a multi-millionaire in a short amount of time. Other pros competing in the event include Phil Ivey, Sam Trickett and Antonio Esfandiari.

The event only has a certain number of seats for competitors, so it will be interesting to see who claims the final slots open in the event. The $1 million buy-in does make it difficult for players to compete. The first place prize could rest at $20 million, which would be a ridiculous amount of cash to win in just one sitting. We shall see who survives and manages to take the big prize during the charity event. Will it be Bellande who earns the first place prize? Or another big name pro? We will find out in the coming weeks ahead when the WSOP event begins!