Bar Gambling Options Coming to Pennsylvania

Gambling initiatives have been in full swing in several states in the US. Some states are looking at internet gambling while other states are considering brick and mortar gambling options for the very first time. The state of Pennsylvania is one that has looked into online gambling and may decide to create legislation, but for now the state is focusing on another avenue of gambling. The State Senate has just passed a bill which will allow for gambling in bars and taverns.

Just last week the state senate passed a law that will allow these establishments to apply for licenses to offer gambling games from raffles to small scale gaming. The new games are expected to bring in $156 million if as many as 2,000 establishments will sign up for the opportunity and gain licenses.

During the vote for legislation, the approval was approved 34-15. The measure amended the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act which was created in 1988. The state has a very large gambling market, second behind Nevada. The state just surpassed New Jersey last year with gambling and has 12 casinos in the state.

The new option will bring in much needed revenues and will be one more way the state can hold on to their gambling lead in the US. The state is also watching to see how well online gambling does in other states before considering their own legislation. Pennsylvania leaders are closely watching Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey to see how well the sites doe before entering the market.

In 2014, we should see more states begin to pass legislation for gambling options, both in land play as well as with online gambling. The industry is slowly growing and is exciting for those who enjoy gambling games.


Google Glass Not Welcome by Nevada Casinos

When the month of June began, gaming regulators in the state of Nevada announced they are not big fans of the new technology behind Google Glass. The new device has the ability to take video as well a pictures among other features and regulators are worried the new technology is a threat to their industry. Because of the threat, regulators have released a statement and have asked operators to ban the device.

The statement by the board read:

The Gaming Control Board (“Board”) has recently received inquiries regarding the use of “Google Glass” inside gaming establishments and, specifically, on the casino floor. Google Glass is essentially a light-weight, wearable computer designed to be attached to eye glass frames. Google Glass has the ability to display information, take pictures, record video, and transmit and receive data via the internet.

While there is nothing specifically illegal regarding the possession and/or general use of these devices, the potential for inappropriate and/or illegal use in a casino does exist. For example, these devices could be used to share card information between players in poker and other table games, which could give those players an unfair advantage or allow them to cheat, in violation of NRS 465.075 and 083. In addition, the use of these devices in the casino area or on gaming tables could potentially undermine the public’s confidence that gaming in Nevada is “conducted honestly, competitively and free of criminal and corruptive elements.”

Therefore, the Board encourages all nonrestricted gaming licensees to prohibit the wearing and use of Google Glass…while on the gaming floor or while playing any gambling game. Policies regarding the wearing of these devices in other areas within the licensed establishment should be considered but are left to the discretion of the licensee.

Most gaming facilities should follow the request of the board as the device might be a an inhibitor to cheaters. It will be interesting to see how the facilities will handle this information and if they will ban the device from the gaming floor.