Phil Hellmuth Loses out on Main Event to Daniel Negreanu

Image result for wsopIt is never easy to be eliminated from a big poker event, especially the WSOP Main Event. Top poker pro Phil Hellmuth had his eyes on yet another WSOP bracelet for 2015 but fell short in the most anticipated event of the year. On Saturday, Hellmuth was up against fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu when he was eliminated in 417th place.

During the hand, Hellmuth bet 20,000 and was called by a fellow opponent who was in the small blind. Negreanu then three bet to 56,000 and Hellmuth then four bet to 295,000. The small blind player folded and Negreanu called, telling Hellmuth the felt they had the same hand.

However, they did not. Hellmuth showed pocket queens while Negreanu held A-K suited clubs. The flop of K-9-3 gave Negreanu the higher pair and a Jack on the turn gave Hellmuth the option of earning a straight. However the 5 on the river sealed his fate as Negreanu won the hand.

After being eliminated, Hellmuth took to Twitter stating that Negreanu was lucky he had only pocket queens after his fellow pro felt like they had the same hand. Negreanu also took to Twitter, stated that it was bittersweet to have busted his buddy during the Main Event.

During game play, Hellmuth was paired with some tough competition, having Phil Ivey at his table during day one. Hellmuth ended up doubling up Ivey at one point during game play. For the pro, he did have a good finish, earning $21,786 for his efforts. We will now watch and see as the Main Event continues to play down to the final table.

Once the final table is configured, the players will get a long break until November. When fall arrives, the players will return to the felt to see who can claim the first place prize.



Daniel Negreanu Chooses Poker Team for Challenge

Just a few days ago, poker pro Daniel Negreanu, challenged Full Tilt Poker pros Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom to an online poker challenge. Negreanu would face off against the pros with two fellow competitors and now, after the challenge has been accepted, Negreanu has created his own team. Both Isaac Haxton and Bertrand Grospellier will be joining Negreanu in the challenge.

After Negreanu posted the challenge, he asked Team PokerStars Pros as well as poker fans as to who they think will be the best to take on the Full Tilt Poker team. In the end, Negreanu decided that Haxton and Grospellier would make a great team for the online poker challenge.

Negreanu has asked every player involved to post $50,000 and then the players will compete at three tables of No Limit Hold’em freezeout on their laptops. The competition will take place in battleship style. Players will win an individual match when 2 out of 3 tables are taken. The team that wins the overall challenge will be the team that is able to take 2 out of 3 individual matches during overall game play.

This is the first time that pros from Full Tilt and PokerStars will be competing against each other. Normally pros will challenge each other on one of the sites but never pros from one of each site against each other. The challenge is definitely interesting. PokerStars is the larger, more popular site, but the challenge will not take place there, but at Full Tilt Poker.

The challenge match will take place at the same time as the EPT Main Event which is set to take place in London. The event will take place on March 10th to the 16th so it will not be long before we are able to see who will be named the challenge champion!