New Jersey Governor Calls Summit to Discuss Gambling Woes

Poker and casino gaming in both land and online forms in the state of New Jersey have been suffering for some time now and the governor of the state seems to be making a move to help the industry. Chris Christie has decided to call a meeting to discuss Atlantic City gambling and what needs to take place to better the industry.

On September 8th, Christie will be meeting with officials on a city, county and state level to discuss the gambling industry. The revenues are down in the state, with July numbers 6.6% lower than the standard revenues and three casinos are set to close by next month, which is not a good sign for the industry.

The three casinos are set to close by September 16th and there will only be 8 casinos in the city. Officials are hoping that buyers will be found for the properties so that the gaming can continue but there is not much time before the scheduled closings.

Christie has stated that Atlantic City now faces real challenges in the gambling industry and as they work on revitalization, the summit of key policymakers, leaders and stakeholders will hopefully help to address the issues that impact the gambling industry. The state has been affected by neighboring states that have begun to offer gambling options over the years. Just last year, the state of Pennsylvania  moved to the number 2 spot for gaming in the US with their 12 casinos. Nevada is of course number 1 but New Jersey would like to get back in the top 2 spots.

For now, the summit will be a good starting point as to where the state can go from here when it comes getting back on track with casino gaming. The major operators and industry leaders should be able to brainstorm and hopefully find a way to bring the industry back to its former glory.