Phil Hellmuth Loses out on Main Event to Daniel Negreanu

Image result for wsopIt is never easy to be eliminated from a big poker event, especially the WSOP Main Event. Top poker pro Phil Hellmuth had his eyes on yet another WSOP bracelet for 2015 but fell short in the most anticipated event of the year. On Saturday, Hellmuth was up against fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu when he was eliminated in 417th place.

During the hand, Hellmuth bet 20,000 and was called by a fellow opponent who was in the small blind. Negreanu then three bet to 56,000 and Hellmuth then four bet to 295,000. The small blind player folded and Negreanu called, telling Hellmuth the felt they had the same hand.

However, they did not. Hellmuth showed pocket queens while Negreanu held A-K suited clubs. The flop of K-9-3 gave Negreanu the higher pair and a Jack on the turn gave Hellmuth the option of earning a straight. However the 5 on the river sealed his fate as Negreanu won the hand.

After being eliminated, Hellmuth took to Twitter stating that Negreanu was lucky he had only pocket queens after his fellow pro felt like they had the same hand. Negreanu also took to Twitter, stated that it was bittersweet to have busted his buddy during the Main Event.

During game play, Hellmuth was paired with some tough competition, having Phil Ivey at his table during day one. Hellmuth ended up doubling up Ivey at one point during game play. For the pro, he did have a good finish, earning $21,786 for his efforts. We will now watch and see as the Main Event continues to play down to the final table.

Once the final table is configured, the players will get a long break until November. When fall arrives, the players will return to the felt to see who can claim the first place prize.



2014 WSOPC Main Event Win Goes To Dominik Nitsche

The 2014 World Series of Poker Circuit National Championship Main Event began last week and featured $1,260,000 prize pool. The first place win of $352,800 would go to Dominik Nitsche who outlasted the 126 players in the competition to win the event.  Nitsche would claim his second gold bracelet and bragging rights after earning the win, in New Jersey.

It was back in 2012 that the pro earned his first WSOP bracelet and he was one of 26 players to post a $10,000 buy-in to compete in this year’s Main Event. The twenty three year old is from Germany and with the win, began the first every non-American to win the National Champioshp of the WSOPC as well as the first time a WSOP Player of the Year qualifier won the event.

The final table had several top pros competing including Matthew Ashton, Ylon Schwatz and Athanasios Polychronopoulos. Speaking to after the win, Nitsche stated that it is always nice to win a tournament but especially in a tough field like the WSOP. The pro defeated Athanasois to earn the win and stated that it is extra sweet to defeat the pro as he is a good player and a friend. The winner added that it is always ‘extra sweet’ to defeat someone who is really strong.

The WSOPC National Championship Main Event took place in Atlantic City at Bally’s for the very first time and was a great success. It will be interesting to see if the state will host the event again next year. Below are the payouts and player finishes during the tournament.

  • First                       Dominik Nitsche                                               $352,800
  • Second                 Athanasios Polychronopoulos                    $218,056
  • Third                      Matthew Ashton                                             $157,399
  • Fourth                  Christopher Bibb                                              $115,655
  • Fifth                       Tracy Doss                                                           $86,461
  • Sixth                      Andrew Robinson                                            $65,734
  • Seventh               Ylon Schwartz                                                    $50,816
  • Eighth                   Jeffrey Gunnip                                                  $39,917
  • Ninth                     Sean Lippel                                                         $31,865

WSOP Down to Final Table; JC Tran in the Mix

The World Series of Poker 2013 has come to a pause as the final table of the Main Event has now been determined. Just over 6,300 players ponied up the $10,000 buy-in to compete in the event. Game play took seven days and thousands of eliminations for the final table to be determined. Carlos Mortensen was the last man to be eliminated before the final nine were named.

The final nine will return this November to compete in final table game play. The top prize is $8.3 million and every player wants to be the last man standing.

Below is a list of players who made the final table a well as their chip stacks:

JC Tran                                        38,000,000

Amir Lehavot                           29,700,000

Marc McLaughlin                    26,525,000

Jay Farber                                 25,975,000

Ryan Riess                                 25,875,000

Sylvain Loosli                          19,600,000

Michiel Brummelhuis           11,275,000

Mark Newhouse                        7,350,000

David Benefield                         6,375,000

Tran has a very nice chip lead and is the most accomplished player left in the event. If he wins the event, he will claim his third World Series of Poker bracelet. Tran has made it far before in the Main Event but never to the final table. Tran may be the most experienced but he will still face stiff competition.

Lehavot is a former WSOP bracelet winner back in 2011 and Newhouse has earned a World Poker Tour win. The others are also sure to give the event their best to try and be the winner of the 2013 Main Event, the most anticipated event of the series.

For now, we just have to sit back and wait the many months before the event will be back in action. There is no doubt that each November Niner will be playing as much as they can to be ready for game play when the Final Table returns to action.

2013 WSOP Main Event Numbers Come In

The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event has kicked off and the event has reached a nice field size with top pros and amateurs competing. After Day 1C, the event had pulled 6,352 players who registered to compete in the $10,000 event. The prize pool is just over $59,700,000 and the winner will earn just over $8.3 million for outlasting the competition.

The 2013 Main Event saw a decrease this year of about 240 players and around $200,000 short of last years first place prize. Greg Merson earned the first place finish last year and it will be interesting to see who takes the crown this year! It would be great to see a female take the win after the success of females during this year’s WSOP.

Several players ended yesterday’s game play with a nice chip stack including Vanessa Selbst, Jason Koon, Phil Ivey, Freddy Deeb, Vivek Rajkumar, Marvin Rettenmaier, Joseph Cheong and Michael Mizrachi. Several players were also eliminated during Day 1C, including a few favorites like:

Vanessa Rousso

Brandon Cantu

Jeff Madsen

Jennifer Tilly

Shaun Deeb

Phil Laak

Jonathan Duhamel

Fabrice Soulier

And a few more!

The starting days are now complete and players from 1A and 1B will be back today to begin Day 2AB. Those who outlasted the competition on Day 1C will come back tomorrow for Day 2C. The schedule will then continue on to Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 until the final table is made. Then game play will break for several months until November.

We will continue to stay on top of the WSOP action and let our readers know who is eliminated and who remains as the competition continues!! Stay tuned to see how the event plays out and who can take home the coveted gold bracelet and big cash prize win!