Chris Ferguson Receives Poor Reception during WSOP Gaming

Poker players from around the world have been visiting Las Vegas, Nevada over the past few weeks to take part in the 2016 World Series of Poker. Amateurs as well as well-known pros have taken to the felt in the hopes of earning WSOP gold, earning top prize money and being cheered on for their efforts. While this has been taking place, there have also been a few boos from the audience as players who are not seen in a positive light try to compete in various WSOP events.

One of the most notable occurrences in the poker world is known as Black Friday. Back in April of 2011, this day marked the time when online poker would be no more in the United States, at least for a few years. Several poker players were connected to online poker sites that owed players money after Black Friday including Chris Ferguson.

Ferguson was a top player back in the day, having held the position as the Director of Full Tilt Poker in the past. Ferguson played well in tournaments and was respected as a contributor to the game in a variety of ways. However, his association with problems in the poker industry gave the pro a bad reputation and his appearance at the 2016 WSOP was not left unnoticed.

The pro competed in events of the series including the most recent $10,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Ferguson was actually able to make it quite far in the competition, earning a 4th place finish. When he made the final table, a series of boos and cat-calls begin, even heckling from those in attendance. However, there were also those in attendance who supported Ferguson and began to yell as well.

Ferguson has not been willing to talk about the incident at the WSOP or discuss the fiasco known as Full Tilt Poker, in the past. With such a poor reception during the WSOP event, it will be interesting to see if the pro continues to compete as the WSOP moves forward.

New Operator to Enter Nevada Online Gambling Market in 2014

The Nevada Gaming Commission has now approved the Siena Hotel Spa Casino to be able to offer online gambling in the state. With the approval, the casino will be the first to be a privately owned company to provide gambling options to those inside the state’s borders. The company will be entering into the market beginning next year.

The casino is located in Reno and has been trying for some time now to branch out. In 2010 the company went under after multiple attempts at resurrection and had to close their doors. The casino was then bought by another company and renovated. Once the renovations were completed, the casino was open for business again in 2011.

The new owners of the casino are David and Eric Colvin, a father and son team. The pair created a new online gaming company titled Z4 Poker last year and was approved that same year by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The company was created to be able to offer online poker in the state of Nevada and this has now been approved, so the company is ready to begin business online.

Z4 will host a new poker platform titled HD Poker which was created by Z4. Eric Colvin has stated that the new poker platform will be unique in the market. In a recent press release the son stated: “We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to compete in this new market. Our belief is that players will prefer excellent software and gameplay to expensive ad campaigns.”

HD Poker is not expected to launch until early 2014 so we can only expect the company to offer real money poker with social aspects but it will be interesting to see how the company makes their offering unique. The company will first launch the play-money version and then after the testing phase, the real money option will be launched.

Google Glass Not Welcome by Nevada Casinos

When the month of June began, gaming regulators in the state of Nevada announced they are not big fans of the new technology behind Google Glass. The new device has the ability to take video as well a pictures among other features and regulators are worried the new technology is a threat to their industry. Because of the threat, regulators have released a statement and have asked operators to ban the device.

The statement by the board read:

The Gaming Control Board (“Board”) has recently received inquiries regarding the use of “Google Glass” inside gaming establishments and, specifically, on the casino floor. Google Glass is essentially a light-weight, wearable computer designed to be attached to eye glass frames. Google Glass has the ability to display information, take pictures, record video, and transmit and receive data via the internet.

While there is nothing specifically illegal regarding the possession and/or general use of these devices, the potential for inappropriate and/or illegal use in a casino does exist. For example, these devices could be used to share card information between players in poker and other table games, which could give those players an unfair advantage or allow them to cheat, in violation of NRS 465.075 and 083. In addition, the use of these devices in the casino area or on gaming tables could potentially undermine the public’s confidence that gaming in Nevada is “conducted honestly, competitively and free of criminal and corruptive elements.”

Therefore, the Board encourages all nonrestricted gaming licensees to prohibit the wearing and use of Google Glass…while on the gaming floor or while playing any gambling game. Policies regarding the wearing of these devices in other areas within the licensed establishment should be considered but are left to the discretion of the licensee.

Most gaming facilities should follow the request of the board as the device might be a an inhibitor to cheaters. It will be interesting to see how the facilities will handle this information and if they will ban the device from the gaming floor.