NJ Referendum Rejection Leads to Expansion at Pennsylvania Casino

While New Jersey will not be expanding casino gaming into the northern region of the state, this decision has opened up one casino venue in Pennsylvania to announce a major expansion. If gaming had been approved for North Jersey, the Sands casino of Bethlehem might not be considering the $90 million expansion they just announced this week. The casino will be adding more table games and slot options now that gaming is not a threat in any other area of New Jersey besides Atlantic City.

The Sands Bethlehem will now have to wait until state gaming regulators agree to the plans of construction proposed. The construction process could start as soon as January but approval will be needed for the addition of table games.

Currently in the state, there is a cap that allows casinos to only offer a maximum of 250 table games. With the addition that the Sands is planning, they would be over this cap. The state gaming board always expected that a casino would eventually ask to go over the cap and they assumed that the Sands would be the first to do so.

The expansion will include gaming options but so much more. More dining space will be added for guests along with public restrooms and back-of-house facilities. Sands Bethlehem President, Mark Juliano, stated that the casino is proud to continue their commitment towards reinvestment in the property by making this significant addition. Officials are planning on making the addition in the parking lot that currently sits at the north of the casino.

Since the addition will be placed in the parking lot, the parking area will actually be smaller. More parking will be provided within the property along with parking available in an area near the Hoover Mason Trestle. It will be interesting to see if approval will be provided and what exactly the Sands will be added to the property.

888 Poker Offers New Signup Bonus; Outdoes Competition

In the online poker industry, it is essential that poker brands stay on top of the latest technology and offer only the best gaming for members. When a poker site is able to provide quality promotions, cash gaming and consistent tournaments, players continue to visit the site day after day. Promotions such as reload and deposit bonuses are a must to direct traffic to the site. With steady traffic, the site can survive and continue to offer quality gaming for years to come.

In the United States, online poker gaming is few and far between. Regulated sites can only be found in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, leading players to have only select gaming when inside these states. Each state has been in constant competition with the other, trying to be the top earning state within the US. Inside each state, poker sites are competing against each other to be the most profitable site.

A recent change to 888 Poker in New Jersey will have the poker site seeing a nice increase in player traffic and should help to move the site up the chain as a top competitor. Currently, 888 Poker has launched a new player bonus that outdoes the competition. Players can earn a $30 no deposit bonus with the creation of a new account, the best within the state of New Jersey.

The new bonus is a little different and gives players a small amount of cash in their account as well as access to tournament gaming. Once you sign up for a new account at the site, you will be given $4 in bonus cash plus twenty six $1 tournament tickets. This means you can have a small amount of cash added to your bank roll and be able to compete in 26 of the tournament events free of charge.

The tickets are good for fourteen days after creating your new account and you can withdraw winnings immediately. This is a great way to take part in online poker gaming without having to first load your online poker gaming account.

Big Jump in Online Gambling Revenues in New Jersey

Online gambling is only provided in a few states within the United States currently, including the state of New Jersey. In New Jersey, players have access to online poker gaming as well as casino options so gamblers have a nice variety of options to enjoy. When you get tired of Sit n Gos, you can get in a few spins of the slot games or enjoy blackjack before hitting the felt again. Gaming has been quite enjoyable in the state of New Jersey, so much so the state has seen an increase of revenues by 22.3% compared year over year.

For the month of January, the state was able to earn $11,567,337 in total online gambling revenues. The amount coming from the game of poker includes just under $2.3 million. Back in 2014, the state was able to earn only $9,461,057 with just over $3.4 million coming from online poker. The amount of poker revenues is decreased, but overall, the state has seen a nice increase in overall gambling revenues.

The state saw a nice increase in overall gaming revenues but earned a decrease of 33.2% when it comes to online poker. Poker is supposed to be the big draw when it comes to online gaming but has since grown less popular within the state, it seems. The decrease could be attributed to the online poker options within the state.

Currently, only two operates offer online poker gaming. Caesars and the Borgata are still in operation. However, when online poker first began, the state had an additional two operators with Ultimate Gaming and Betfair. Both of these operators closed their doors due to low traffic numbers. It will be interesting to see if the state bounces back and offers additional operators or if the remaining sites will be able to gain in popularity and offer higher revenue numbers.

New Jersey Senator Gives PokerStars March Deadline for Launch

pokerstarsPokerStars is a top provider of online poker gaming and continues to be a favorite among players from around the world. The brand provides online poker cash gaming and tournament action to players based in many areas except the US. PokerStars has been trying to get back into the US online poker market and has been looking at the state of New Jersey to get back in action.

According to Senator Ray Lesniak, New Jersey should expect PokerStars to be offering gaming by the month of March. For some time, PokerStars was trying to be approved for an online gaming license in the state but has been unable to do so with roadblock after roadblock. Once the brand was acquired by Amaya Gaming, the company had a better chance.

The regulators in New Jersey has since been reviewing the application of PokerStars once again, yet this has taken several months. Every time players felt that PokerStars was about to be launched, they wouldn’t.  Online Poker Report’s Chris Grove took to Twitter just two days ago and asked the Senator for any news on PokerStars and the Senator’s replay was March 2015.

Back in September of 2014 the Senator stated that PokerStars’ launch in the state would spark a revival in Atlantic City. The Senator stated that everyone should stay tuned for a ‘major announcement’. However, it was just after this announcement that PokerStars launch was delayed and a license was not approved.

For now, players in the state will have to wait and see if and win the top online poker brand will be available in the state of New Jersey. It seems that 2015 will be the year that PokerStars will reenter the United States online gaming market but only time will tell if this will be a realty or just an online poker players dream.







New Jersey Governor Calls Summit to Discuss Gambling Woes

Poker and casino gaming in both land and online forms in the state of New Jersey have been suffering for some time now and the governor of the state seems to be making a move to help the industry. Chris Christie has decided to call a meeting to discuss Atlantic City gambling and what needs to take place to better the industry.

On September 8th, Christie will be meeting with officials on a city, county and state level to discuss the gambling industry. The revenues are down in the state, with July numbers 6.6% lower than the standard revenues and three casinos are set to close by next month, which is not a good sign for the industry.

The three casinos are set to close by September 16th and there will only be 8 casinos in the city. Officials are hoping that buyers will be found for the properties so that the gaming can continue but there is not much time before the scheduled closings.

Christie has stated that Atlantic City now faces real challenges in the gambling industry and as they work on revitalization, the summit of key policymakers, leaders and stakeholders will hopefully help to address the issues that impact the gambling industry. The state has been affected by neighboring states that have begun to offer gambling options over the years. Just last year, the state of Pennsylvania  moved to the number 2 spot for gaming in the US with their 12 casinos. Nevada is of course number 1 but New Jersey would like to get back in the top 2 spots.

For now, the summit will be a good starting point as to where the state can go from here when it comes getting back on track with casino gaming. The major operators and industry leaders should be able to brainstorm and hopefully find a way to bring the industry back to its former glory.

Yet another Atlantic City Casino to Close

Atlantic City, New Jersey has long been a popular spot for gamblers to visit. Next to Las Vegas, Atlantic City is a top destination for gamblers as there are poker gaming and casino gaming options spread out amongst several casinos. Despite the popularity of the city, several casinos are now closing and hurting the New Jersey casino market.

The Atlantic Club Casino closed at the first of 2014 and the Showboat Casino is set to close later this summer. The Revel Casino may be subject to closing if a buyer cannot be found. Now, the city has another casino set to close this fall, the Trump Plaza Casino. When the casino closes, the employees, more than 1000 people, will have to find a new position somewhere else. With the closure, the city will now be down 1/3 of their casino gaming.

The owner of the Trump Plaza is Trump Entertainment Resorts and the company states the decision to sell is not final but is pending a review. Sources say that the casino is currently looking for an active buyer. The casino first opened in 1984 and had a start-up cost of $210 million. In 2013, the company tried to sell the casino for $20 million to a company in California, but was unsuccessful, according to a Card Player report.

As the brick and mortar gambling industry continues to struggle in the state, New Jersey has been passed by Pennsylvania as the second largest market for casino gaming in the US. The city has become involved in online gaming but have been unable to earn the revenues that were expected with the launch of online poker and casino gaming.

It will be interesting to see if the casino will eventually close or if Trump will be able to find a buyer before September rolls around.

New Jersey Poker Community Created at Pocket Fives

Pocket Fives is known as a popular online community for online poker players with news and updates about growing trends and goings-on in the community. The site has now created a new option for players in New Jersey to be able to converse with one another online as well as learn about current happenings in the local online poker community.

Pocket Fives has created a new online tournament community specifically for New Jersey players. Players will be able to chat with one another as well as learn information about upcoming tournaments, events and more from operators who can use the new community as a communication tool.

The online poker resource is also home to a database that provides online tournament results to players. These results can be added to player profiles and now the site will include tournament information from Party Poker New Jersey as well as Borgata Poker. Tournament information was first added to the resource site and WSOP New Jersey information just went live on March 31st.

According to the Pocket Fives site, they are currently working to integrate all data from New Jersey. The information was sent in several months ago and player profiles on the site now include both online and live results. This new addition now provides a comprehensive record of each player’s performances. The information from New Jersey online poker rooms has taken a few months to gather. Despite the long months of waiting, the site should now have results from when the online poker sites were first introduced back in November of last year.

The Pocket Fives site is able share the player information, both online and live results, due to a new deal the site made last December. Working with Global Poker Index, the site now has the ability to share tournament data.

Losing Bidder wants rehearing in New Jersey Casino Case

In the state of New Jersey, there are a few casinos that have been suffering, facing bankruptcy. The Atlantic Club is one such casino. There was recently a bankruptcy auction held for the casino and the Sobe company tried to purchase the casino with a very large bid. However the company was rejected by the courts as they were considered a high risk. The casino was then purchased by a joint venture between Caesars Entertainment and Tropicana Entertainment. Sobe is now seeking a rehearing in the case.

Sobe is sending their attorneys to request a rehearing in the case and if the company is refused, they should file an appeal. The casino was willing to play as much as $1 million more than the two companies who won the bidding but the judge in the case, Gloria Burns, felt as though the group was a risk for the venture.

Both Caesars and Tropicana do not plan on using the building as of now but taking the parts and stripping the club. Every employee will have to seek a new job and Sobe is stating this was even riskier than if they had won the auction. Sobe would like to keep the casino open after they have refurbished the casino and then allow the club to remain open.

The Sobe Holdings LLC owns a resort in Miami, Florida and would most likely rename the Club after the Deauville Beach Resort, the property in Florida. However, with one less casino in the mix of Atlantic City, there is one less competitor, which is a benefit to Caesars. Overall, the Sobe group is not happy with the court’s ruling and plans on taking action to see the casino be placed in their name. It will be interesting to see how this progresses in the coming days  with the action for rehearing.


PartyPoker to host Special Charity Tournaments in New Jersey

partyIn 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore, with six towns affected. Beginning on January 4th, PartyPoker’s site in New Jersey will be hosting charity tournaments to benefit the shore. A total of six tournaments will take place to help support the Hometown Heroes Organization.

Every tournament hosted at PartyPoker New Jersey will have a buy-in of $20. Half of the buy-in will go to build the prize pool while the other half will be donated to the Hometown Heroes. As if that were not enough, PartyPoker has announced they will be matching the donations dollar for dollar, so the more people competing, the more money will be raised!

Each of the six tournaments will be dedicated to one of the six towns affected by the hurricane. The schedule of events is as follows:

January 4th                          Seaside Heights

February 1st                         Tom’s River/Ortley Beach

March 1st                               Brick

April 5th                                Union Beach

May 3rd                                  Ocean Gate

June 7th                                 Lavallette

Players can choose to compete in each event and help out completely or choose to participate in one of the events that coincide with the area in which they live or would like to help. The buy-in is a great rate and will be a great opportunity for players to be able to play in an online tournament while helping the area.

This will be the first time that a charity event will be hosted in New Jersey that involves online gambling. However, charity events are by no means uncommon in the poker industry. Poker players are very giving and have helped with numerous natural disasters as well as a variety of charities. As the industry continues to grow in the state, it will not be surprising to see more events as the Restore the Jersey Shore that is coming at the first of the year.

Golden Nugget to Reopen Poker Room in NJ

December 26th marks the reopening date of the poker room for the Atlantic City Golden Nugget casino. Regulators must approve the move but once this is gained, the gaming room will be back in action. The casino has been busy creating a new area for poker in the area that was once known for high limit slot gaming.

The new poker room will offer ten gaming tables and the high limit slots have been moved to the former poker room. The Golden Nugget had previously run the poker room for almost two years before shutting down this past October to prepare for the renovations and changes.

The Golden Nugget will not only offer a new poker room but also promotions. Players will be able to take part in bad beat jackpots as well as other special promotions. The casino also uses the Bravo Poker app which visitors can download.

Earlier in December, the casino gained approval from regulators to offer interactive gaming. The group has already offerings for online gaming but has yet to provide online poker gaming. The casino should be launching their poker client in 2014.

The offerings in New Jersey are definitely changing and players have been very excited to see what the state has to offer. With brick and mortar changes as well as online gaming options, the state has been quite busy. Players can now enjoy a nice selection of gaming from their home or when they visit the casinos.

It has been very interesting to see how the state has grown in just a few short months. Over the next year, it will be even more interesting to see how the state expands and if they will continue to be able to have a strong hold in the US online gaming market.