Online Poker Revenues Go Even Lower in October for Delaware

The state of Delaware is one of only three states in the US that offers online gaming options, both poker and casino. The state has not met the high estimates of earnings for online gaming as estimated but continues to be able to earn something in the industry. However, over the past few months, revenues have been less than stellar. For September, the state hit an all-time low and now for October they have went even lower.

In October, the three gaming facilities who offer online options were only able to earn just over $24,000 for the month. Harrington Raceway, Delaware Park and Dover Downs all struggled for the month and saw a 2% decrease from the month of September. This is a super low time period for the state as they are supposed to be celebrating their 2 year anniversary of operation but are seeing these low figures.

After a period of 24 months of operation, the results are in. The state has been able to earn $1,102,712 during the two year time frame which is an average of about $45,946 a month. However this amount has only been reached during one month of the last 17 of operation.

The state thought revenues would be boosted once they joined forces with Nevada to provide interstate online poker gaming. There was a significant boost in earnings but not the numbers the state expected to see now that residents of Nevada could get in on the action. The novelty seems to have worn off and the state can barely hit the $20,000 mark for the month.

Despite the lower numbers in revenues, the state has been able to continue to see new signups at the online gaming sites. Players continue to create new accounts for each facility’s website, with at minimum 300 new accounts created each month.

Team Poker Dropped at PKR

PKR is a top online poker room, offering a unique experience for gamers. Players can log online and enjoy a 3D experience, which includes unique avatars that can be customized based on the personal preferences of the individual. PKR continues to offer quality cash gaming and just recently decided to make a change with their site.

PKR will now no longer offer Team PKR, which means new members to the team will no longer have the option to play under the brand in a sponsored capacity. Dan Grant, the Head of Content and PR for PKR, reported on poker forums that PKR is entering a time of seismic change. The changes ahead will be completed in the New Year but Grant did state that PKR is doing away with the concept of Team PKR Pro.

Eleanor Gudger and Dan O’Callaghan were just added to the list of sponsored pros and will now be no longer wearing patches of PKR for live events they take part in. According to Grant, PKR was not able to fully support the Team Pros in the most recent years.

Grant stated: “To the inevitable responses to the news, I say that yes, in recent years Team Pros weren’t supported or utilized enough and that’s our bad. Running a team properly, ensuring they get the advice and support they need and that we get every ounce of benefit from them takes an investment of time and money. Reportedly, PKR was not always able to give the time and money needed, and they apologize for that.

The poker pros have been excited to take part in the team poker pro options while it was available. Gudger did not have a PKR patch on when competing in the recent Team Challenge with the PartyPoker UK. Several top players have taken part in the gaming options, and PKR now plans on taking on a different direction when it comes to offering online poker gaming.

Mississippi Gaming Official Says Online Gaming No Time Soon

Efforts are taking place across the US with individual states trying to pass online gaming legislation. The state of Mississippi has been part of the discussions, with officials looking to provide online gaming options for visitors as well as residents of the state. However, according to recent reports, the state may be far from offering such gaming as online poker in the near future.

The House Gaming Committee chairman recently stated that sports betting and lottery gaming have a better chance of being allowed in the state before poker gaming. The state of Mississippi is one of just a few that do not already offer lottery gaming. Back in February, online poker legislation died after being on the table for a very short period of time.

Representative Richard Bennett feels as though it is too early for the state to be looking for online gaming. Bennett says that only a half the state has access to a computer or internet so efforts to offer online gaming at the present time would be unrewarding.

The casino industry of the state in regards to land-based gaming has also been in a slump, earning less than in years past. Many lawmakers are looking at how online gaming can be expanded to try and bring in additional revenues. In 2014, gamblers paid $2.07 billion in casino gaming which is about $70 million less than what was earned in 2013. The revenues have continued to decline over the years with facilities shutting down after less than stellar revenues.

Just last year the Harrah’s Tunica Hotel & Casino shut down as well as the Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant of Biloxi. The state still has over 24 casinos and will continue to make plans on what can be done to help the gambling industry as it struggles to get back on its feet. Announces Poker Series for Nevada and Delaware

The state of Delaware recently begin sharing poker liquidity with the state of Nevada, creating the first ever interstate gaming opportunity within the United States. Part of this partnership is the World Series of Poker brand, which will offer a new poker series this April for both states. Just a few days after the partnership was announced, the WSOP has announced the Spring Poker Series which will offer $100,000 in guaranteed prize money.

From the 12th to the 19th of April, the WSOP will play host to the Spring Poker Series which will feature eight events. The buy-ins of said events will range from a low $10 to $200 on the high end. The very first event of the series will include a $200 no limit hold’em reentry event which will have a guaranteed prize pool of $30,000.

Because the WSOP offers gaming in New Jersey and Nevada, players in both states will be able to take part. With the recent multi state network launch by 888 Holdings, players in Delaware will also have the opportunity to be part of the gaming options of the Spring Poker Series. The schedules for game play in each state are a bit different with each schedule listed below.

WSOP NJ Schedule:

April 12th              5pm       No Limit Hold’em Reentry                            $200 buy-in         $30,000 guarantee

April 13th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em                                             $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 14th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em Turbo Rebuy/Addon  $20 buy-in           $3,000 guarantee

April 15th              6pm       Pot Limit Omaha-Rebuy/Addon                $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 16th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-Turbo Rebuy/addon  $10 buy-in           $2,000 guarantee

April 17th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-Super Turbo rebuy     $30 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 18th              3pm       No Limit Hold’em-6 handed rebuy/add  $100 buy-in         $10,000 guarantee

April 19th              5pm       No Limit Hold’em- rebuy/add-on              $200 buy-in         $40,000 guarantee


Nevada Schedule:

April 12th              4pm       No Limit Hold’em-reentry                            $200 buy-in         $30,000 guarantee

April 13th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em                                             $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 14th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-turbo rebuy/addon    $20 buy-in           $3,000 guarantee

April 15h              6pm       Pot Limit Omaha-rebuy/addon                  $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 16th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-turbo rebuy/addon    $10 buy-in           $2,000 guarantee

April 17th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-super turbo rebuy/ad               $30 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 18th              3pm       No Limit Hold’em-6 handed rebuy/add  $100 buy-in         $10,000 guarantee

April 19th              4pm       No Limit Hold’em-Rebuy/add-on              $200 buy-in         $40,000 guarantee



888 Poker Offers New Signup Bonus; Outdoes Competition

In the online poker industry, it is essential that poker brands stay on top of the latest technology and offer only the best gaming for members. When a poker site is able to provide quality promotions, cash gaming and consistent tournaments, players continue to visit the site day after day. Promotions such as reload and deposit bonuses are a must to direct traffic to the site. With steady traffic, the site can survive and continue to offer quality gaming for years to come.

In the United States, online poker gaming is few and far between. Regulated sites can only be found in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, leading players to have only select gaming when inside these states. Each state has been in constant competition with the other, trying to be the top earning state within the US. Inside each state, poker sites are competing against each other to be the most profitable site.

A recent change to 888 Poker in New Jersey will have the poker site seeing a nice increase in player traffic and should help to move the site up the chain as a top competitor. Currently, 888 Poker has launched a new player bonus that outdoes the competition. Players can earn a $30 no deposit bonus with the creation of a new account, the best within the state of New Jersey.

The new bonus is a little different and gives players a small amount of cash in their account as well as access to tournament gaming. Once you sign up for a new account at the site, you will be given $4 in bonus cash plus twenty six $1 tournament tickets. This means you can have a small amount of cash added to your bank roll and be able to compete in 26 of the tournament events free of charge.

The tickets are good for fourteen days after creating your new account and you can withdraw winnings immediately. This is a great way to take part in online poker gaming without having to first load your online poker gaming account.

Big Jump in Online Gambling Revenues in New Jersey

Online gambling is only provided in a few states within the United States currently, including the state of New Jersey. In New Jersey, players have access to online poker gaming as well as casino options so gamblers have a nice variety of options to enjoy. When you get tired of Sit n Gos, you can get in a few spins of the slot games or enjoy blackjack before hitting the felt again. Gaming has been quite enjoyable in the state of New Jersey, so much so the state has seen an increase of revenues by 22.3% compared year over year.

For the month of January, the state was able to earn $11,567,337 in total online gambling revenues. The amount coming from the game of poker includes just under $2.3 million. Back in 2014, the state was able to earn only $9,461,057 with just over $3.4 million coming from online poker. The amount of poker revenues is decreased, but overall, the state has seen a nice increase in overall gambling revenues.

The state saw a nice increase in overall gaming revenues but earned a decrease of 33.2% when it comes to online poker. Poker is supposed to be the big draw when it comes to online gaming but has since grown less popular within the state, it seems. The decrease could be attributed to the online poker options within the state.

Currently, only two operates offer online poker gaming. Caesars and the Borgata are still in operation. However, when online poker first began, the state had an additional two operators with Ultimate Gaming and Betfair. Both of these operators closed their doors due to low traffic numbers. It will be interesting to see if the state bounces back and offers additional operators or if the remaining sites will be able to gain in popularity and offer higher revenue numbers.

New Cash Knockout Contest at Full Tilt Poker

Online poker gamers enjoy taking part in poker tournaments and contests on a regular basis. Top online poker sites provides gamers with quality options that includes cash gaming, guaranteed tournaments, special events and more. At Full Tilt, players have access to poker and casino gaming. Poker has been long been provided by Full Tilt and players have continually been able to take part in the options available. A new contest was recently launched at Full Tilt, titled the Cash Knockout, which will offer $60,000 in prizes to be split among three different leaderboard races.

The Cash Knockout contest will have three leaderboards taking place with a total of $60,000 up for grabs. The winners of the leaderboard competition will be determined by the points earned from knocking out opponents. In most cases, leaderboard competitions will see players earn points based on game play. However, this time, the contest will offer points by knocking out players in ring game play.

This is a unique take on the poker gaming option and allows you to take part in competition while enjoying cash gaming. To take part, you will need to opt in by this Friday. The contest will take place for ten days and will end on February 15th. Whenever a player is knocked out from the Pot Limit Omaha or No Limit Hold’em tables, you will earn one point. This will also include the cash tables connected to Rush Poker.

A point will be awarded when a player is knocked out with $0 cash by the end of the hand. One opponent can only be knocked out once by an individual player even if they reload and come back to the table. The three leaderboards on offer will be available in low, medium and high stakes.

This will include gaming tables at $0.02/$0.05 to $0.05/$0.10 with $15,000 up for grabs for low stakes place. Medium stakes will include $0.10/$0.20 to $0.25/$0.50 with $15,000 as well. High stakes will including a $20,000 prize pool with $0.50/$1 stakes and higher.




Online Poker Fraud Earns Jail Time

When it comes to online poker play, millions of people from around the world take part. From SNGs to MTTs, players take part in a wide variety of gaming when visiting online poker sites. There are certain rules and regulations when playing poker, based on the country in which you live. Players have to adhere to these regulations to play legally. However, there are times when players make decisions and do the wrong thing, breaking the rules and eventually getting caught.

Several media outlets are now reporting that Darren Woods, a WSOP winner and PokerStrategy coach, has earned jail time after being found guilty of online poker fraud. Woods will now serve 15 months in prize after being found to defraud online poker players during game play.

Woods was charged with 13 fraud charges from the beginning of 2007 to the beginning of 2012. Halfway through the trial, Woods decided to change his plea to guilty but only on 9 charges. Woods father, Morteza Gharoon, was charged as well and admitted to money laundering involving £230,000 in cash. Woods was ordered to return £1 million in cash that was taken from players online.

Allegations of cheating were first brought to light in 2011 after TwoPlusTwo members accused the pro of cheating. Several screen names stated that Woods had created multiple accounts at various online poker sites and would pose as different players during the same game to give himself the edge over opponents.

According to reports, Woods used other identities to compete as other players at the same time and then would gain commission payments on top of what he would have earned without opening additional accounts. Online networks were also purchased by Woods to help disguise his identity and set up the fake accounts. Different computers were also used during the fraudulent activity so that Woods would not be found out by the security systems of the online poker companies.

New Jersey Senator Gives PokerStars March Deadline for Launch

pokerstarsPokerStars is a top provider of online poker gaming and continues to be a favorite among players from around the world. The brand provides online poker cash gaming and tournament action to players based in many areas except the US. PokerStars has been trying to get back into the US online poker market and has been looking at the state of New Jersey to get back in action.

According to Senator Ray Lesniak, New Jersey should expect PokerStars to be offering gaming by the month of March. For some time, PokerStars was trying to be approved for an online gaming license in the state but has been unable to do so with roadblock after roadblock. Once the brand was acquired by Amaya Gaming, the company had a better chance.

The regulators in New Jersey has since been reviewing the application of PokerStars once again, yet this has taken several months. Every time players felt that PokerStars was about to be launched, they wouldn’t.  Online Poker Report’s Chris Grove took to Twitter just two days ago and asked the Senator for any news on PokerStars and the Senator’s replay was March 2015.

Back in September of 2014 the Senator stated that PokerStars’ launch in the state would spark a revival in Atlantic City. The Senator stated that everyone should stay tuned for a ‘major announcement’. However, it was just after this announcement that PokerStars launch was delayed and a license was not approved.

For now, players in the state will have to wait and see if and win the top online poker brand will be available in the state of New Jersey. It seems that 2015 will be the year that PokerStars will reenter the United States online gaming market but only time will tell if this will be a realty or just an online poker players dream.







Kara Scott No Longer Partnered with Partypoker

partyPoker pros create a career by gaining sponsorship’s with top online poker rooms, competing in online game play at the site as well as representing the online poker site in live tournament play. Kara Scott is a top poker pro who has done well with her poker career and worked with online poker site, Partypoker for five years now. Scott recently announced she is parting ways with the online poker room, stating the site no longer provides her with the opportunities she desires.

Scott has stepped down from her role as ambassador for Partypoker and will now be looking forward to new opportunities. Scott stated on CardRunners that she was parting ways with the online poker site and no longer be an ambassador for Party or associated brands. Scott stated she first began her journey with Party in 2010 and for the past five years has been able to host several projects for the company including major events such as the World Women’s Open and the European Open.

As Party has went through many changes and shifted their focus, the company has completed less television projects. As the shows disappeared, Scott was left without her favorite part of the position. She has now stated though her time with Partypoker is over, she will continue to play the game of poker and be seen in competitions.

Scott will start her break from Party with the European Poker Tour Malta event which will be the first time the city of Malta will be included on this tour. Scott will be competing in the series and it will be interesting to see how well she fares to start her new journey in the game of poker. Scott often competes in live poker tournaments and does quite well with many titles and cashouts under her belt.