Phil Hellmuth Loses out on Main Event to Daniel Negreanu

Image result for wsopIt is never easy to be eliminated from a big poker event, especially the WSOP Main Event. Top poker pro Phil Hellmuth had his eyes on yet another WSOP bracelet for 2015 but fell short in the most anticipated event of the year. On Saturday, Hellmuth was up against fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu when he was eliminated in 417th place.

During the hand, Hellmuth bet 20,000 and was called by a fellow opponent who was in the small blind. Negreanu then three bet to 56,000 and Hellmuth then four bet to 295,000. The small blind player folded and Negreanu called, telling Hellmuth the felt they had the same hand.

However, they did not. Hellmuth showed pocket queens while Negreanu held A-K suited clubs. The flop of K-9-3 gave Negreanu the higher pair and a Jack on the turn gave Hellmuth the option of earning a straight. However the 5 on the river sealed his fate as Negreanu won the hand.

After being eliminated, Hellmuth took to Twitter stating that Negreanu was lucky he had only pocket queens after his fellow pro felt like they had the same hand. Negreanu also took to Twitter, stated that it was bittersweet to have busted his buddy during the Main Event.

During game play, Hellmuth was paired with some tough competition, having Phil Ivey at his table during day one. Hellmuth ended up doubling up Ivey at one point during game play. For the pro, he did have a good finish, earning $21,786 for his efforts. We will now watch and see as the Main Event continues to play down to the final table.

Once the final table is configured, the players will get a long break until November. When fall arrives, the players will return to the felt to see who can claim the first place prize.



Phil Hellmuth Offering Drinks and Socializing for Charity

Poker players are a very generous breed and use their wealth and status in the industry to do good for the community and those in need. From tournaments to events and individual actions, poker players continue to spend time helping the community. Phil Hellmuth is one pro that is outspoken and known for being out-there but also charitable. The pro is now participating in a fund raiser that involves alcohol and time with the pro.

The pro has announced he is taking part in a fundraiser at the ifonly website. The fundraiser will see one fan of Hellmuth being able to have one drink with the pro while he is in Las Vegas competing in the WSOP. The price to spend just a little bit of time with the poker pro is set at $16,700.

The advertisement for the fundraiser states that you can have a drink with Phil as he takes photos and signs autographs with fans. You will then be able to talk with the pro about what it was like to play in the main event he won back in 1989. If a player pays up the $16,700, they will enjoy time with Hellmuth during the WSOP.

The money will be going to charity but it is a huge price tag for someone to pay just for a few minutes with the poker pro. Will someone want to pay this much just to have the pro talking to other people with autographs and photos? The advertisement also states that any fan who is interested in the drink with the pro may be subject to a background check before moving forward with the meet and greet.

It will be interesting to see if anyone will pony up the cash to spend time with the pro or if the effort will fall flat and no one will pay to meet the pro for the short amount of time.

Tiger’s Poker Night to take place this weekend

Tiger Woods will be partnering with the World Poker Tour for the second year in a row this weekend to host the Tiger’s Poker Night charity event. This will be the second time the event has taken place consecutively and will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation. The event is scheduled to take place on the 17th and will feature Phil Hellmuth as the emcee of the event.

The tournament is part of the two day event hosted by Woods titled the Tiger Jam. This event is for those who enjoy golf, poker and cuisine and all these experiences are available for a price. The poker event as well as other happenings will be covered by the WPT and will be aired in the future on FSN.

Players participating in the event will have access to winning great prizes including a golf game with Tiger himself! Players will also be earning spots on the PGA Tour Pro-Am event. The event will also feature a Pre-Jam Party with Lifehouse performing and Kid Rock hosting a concert the very next night. The event is scheduled to take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Several top pros will get on the charity poker tournament action. Alongside Hellmuth, Mike Sexton and Doyle Brunson will also be competing. The event has a buy-in of $10,000 and proceeds will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation.

The Tiger Jam event was first launched back in 1998 and in a decade and a half, the event has raised over $14 million. The event benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation which helps children earn scholarships for learning opportunities as well as classes that focus on college and career. Woods also offers the Tiger Woods Learning Centers opportunities which provide hands-on options for children in fifth to twelfth grade.