Team Poker Dropped at PKR

PKR is a top online poker room, offering a unique experience for gamers. Players can log online and enjoy a 3D experience, which includes unique avatars that can be customized based on the personal preferences of the individual. PKR continues to offer quality cash gaming and just recently decided to make a change with their site.

PKR will now no longer offer Team PKR, which means new members to the team will no longer have the option to play under the brand in a sponsored capacity. Dan Grant, the Head of Content and PR for PKR, reported on poker forums that PKR is entering a time of seismic change. The changes ahead will be completed in the New Year but Grant did state that PKR is doing away with the concept of Team PKR Pro.

Eleanor Gudger and Dan O’Callaghan were just added to the list of sponsored pros and will now be no longer wearing patches of PKR for live events they take part in. According to Grant, PKR was not able to fully support the Team Pros in the most recent years.

Grant stated: “To the inevitable responses to the news, I say that yes, in recent years Team Pros weren’t supported or utilized enough and that’s our bad. Running a team properly, ensuring they get the advice and support they need and that we get every ounce of benefit from them takes an investment of time and money. Reportedly, PKR was not always able to give the time and money needed, and they apologize for that.

The poker pros have been excited to take part in the team poker pro options while it was available. Gudger did not have a PKR patch on when competing in the recent Team Challenge with the PartyPoker UK. Several top players have taken part in the gaming options, and PKR now plans on taking on a different direction when it comes to offering online poker gaming.