November Brings In Close to $5 million for Poker Rooms of Pennsylvania

The poker rooms in the state of Pennsylvania did quite well during the month of November, bringing in close to $5 million in revenues. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board revealed that the money produced $4.87 million from players who took to the felt, with 225 poker tables operating for the month across the state.

The November 2016 figures were slightly higher than what was earned last year. For the month in 2015, $4.83 million was produced. Poker rooms have been operating in the state for a decade, having produced just over $360 million in the process. The top earner was the Parx Casino who brought in $1.42 million from the operation of 45 gaming tables.

Pennsylvania is steadily becoming the top state in the US when it comes to the gambling industry. By just looking at poker earnings for November, the state has taken the top spot, outperforming New Jersey and Maryland, two states who offer a nice selection of casinos and gambling facilities. New Jersey was just under Pennsylvania with $4.6 million in poker revenues but this was online and land based combined. Maryland earned only $2.67, almost half of what Pennsylvania was able to produce.

The amount that Pennsylvania was able to earn is astonishing, considering that online gambling is not available in the state just yet. Lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to get the ball rolling but efforts have been stalled. Based on how the industry is currently operating, the state would see success if they were to offer online poker as well as casino gaming.

It will certainly be interesting to see how well the state performs once legislation is in place. Pennsylvania is still a front runner when it comes to being the next state in the US to legalize and regulate online poker.