Chris Ferguson Receives Poor Reception during WSOP Gaming

Poker players from around the world have been visiting Las Vegas, Nevada over the past few weeks to take part in the 2016 World Series of Poker. Amateurs as well as well-known pros have taken to the felt in the hopes of earning WSOP gold, earning top prize money and being cheered on for their efforts. While this has been taking place, there have also been a few boos from the audience as players who are not seen in a positive light try to compete in various WSOP events.

One of the most notable occurrences in the poker world is known as Black Friday. Back in April of 2011, this day marked the time when online poker would be no more in the United States, at least for a few years. Several poker players were connected to online poker sites that owed players money after Black Friday including Chris Ferguson.

Ferguson was a top player back in the day, having held the position as the Director of Full Tilt Poker in the past. Ferguson played well in tournaments and was respected as a contributor to the game in a variety of ways. However, his association with problems in the poker industry gave the pro a bad reputation and his appearance at the 2016 WSOP was not left unnoticed.

The pro competed in events of the series including the most recent $10,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Ferguson was actually able to make it quite far in the competition, earning a 4th place finish. When he made the final table, a series of boos and cat-calls begin, even heckling from those in attendance. However, there were also those in attendance who supported Ferguson and began to yell as well.

Ferguson has not been willing to talk about the incident at the WSOP or discuss the fiasco known as Full Tilt Poker, in the past. With such a poor reception during the WSOP event, it will be interesting to see if the pro continues to compete as the WSOP moves forward.

South Austin Man Opens New Poker Room

In Texas, poker players do not have the option of taking part in poker gaming in local card rooms, as the activity is illegal. One businessman says he has found a way to get around the legalities of opening a card room and has since opened a new facility in South Austin. The new venue is titled Texas Card House and opened in February without any problems so far with law enforcement.

The owner of the facility, Sam Von Kennel, wanted to provide an outlet for poker gaming, as he has a great love for cards. To get started, Von Kennel took the time to go over the Texas penal code in regards to gambling to be able to ensure the business was a legal venture.

Von Kennel pointed out that local restaurants have poker nights and country clubs offer poker so he had to look at what they were doing right and what others were doing wrong to have the right formula to offer such gaming options. To stay legal, the club does not have a rake. 100% of the money that comes in goes out with players. The winners take home the pot every time. The house makes money by taking in membership fees.

According to Von Kennel, as long as the house is not taking an economic advantage or house advantage on the games, the activity is legal. Von Kennel is no stranger to the laws of the state as he used to work for the Texas House of Representatives in the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee. To be allowed to join the poker club, players must conduct a short interview before they will be allowed to join.

This is an interesting take on poker gaming and seems to be a great way to offer the option without having any issues legally. We shall see if the facility will be able to continue their operations or if game play will be stalled due to some form of legal resistance.

$5 Million Win Earned by Todd Brunson

Most every day, professional poker players hit the felt either online or at their favorite casino to pad their poker gaming accounts. Consistent game play is needed to keep the bankroll full for the next big tournament and one poker pro has just padded his account with several million dollars. Todd Brunson is the son of Doyle Brunson, poker legend, and has made a name for himself in the poker industry as a top player. Brunson recently took on a billionaire businessman and ended up placing $5 million in his bank account!

Andy Beal, a Texas businessman was at Bobby’s Room in Las Vegas at the Bellagio when Brunson just so happened to be playing as well. Brunson was able to take $5 million from the billionaire businessman during game play and Brunson reported the incident via Twitter.

Kyle Loman is a poker pro who was reportedly at the poker room during the matchup between Brunson and Beal and saw the two going head to head. The game was hold’em and the stakes were sitting at $50,000 to $100,000 according to information provided by Loman.

Reportedly, Brunson’s father Doyle was also at the card room watching as the action unfolded. Later on, Loman took to Twitter to state that after Brunson took the $5 million from Beal they fist bumped, which seems odd after someone took a ton of cash from your pocket! Brunson took to Twitter as well after the incident and stated that he came to nice steak house to enjoy dinner, without a reservation. There was a big line and they asked if he was celebrating anything and he replied, yes he was, a $5 million win from yesterday.

It is amazing to see just how much cash a poker pro can win after sitting down at the felt for just a few hours. Brunson earned a major payday with the sit down with Beal and will have a nice cushion for game play in the future.


2nd DUI for Olympic Champion after Night of Gambling

Most Olympic champions make the news for competing well in world Olympic events, representing their country in some form or fashion or basically doing any good deed. However, there are times in which Olympians make the spot light and they wish they did not. This is particularly true for Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps. The Olympian has done well for himself in the swimming world and cannot seem to avoid bad press. Having been caught smoking weed in the past, the swimmer has now been given his second DUI charge after a night of gambling.

TMZ is reporting that Phelps was enjoying a night of cards at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore where he enjoyed a few drinks in the process. After leaving the casino in the early morning hours, the Olympian was pulled over for doing 84 in a 45 speed zone. After being stopped for speeding the swimmer was tested for his blood alcohol levels and it was found he had a .14, which was almost double the legal limit of .08.

Reports state that Phelps was arrested after refusing to take the one leg stand test which requested by officers. He was asked to take the test and appeared to be disoriented, began to argue and did not attempt to take the test as requested.

The Olympian will now face trail on the 19th of November and could face as much as ten years in prison for his actions. He also faces losing his driver’s license for a period of six months, but he may receive probation since the first DUI took place almost ten years prior. Phelps will most likely not be given any jail time but this does hurt his reputation, as does any action he takes that could see him spending a few nights in prison for his actions.




Female Poker Pro to Star in New Reality Show

Many poker pros have branched off from strictly gaming to different areas of interest. Poker players have found they can use their poker earnings or popularity as a pro to pursue other interests. Maria Ho is one such player who has found fame in other areas. Known as a top poker competitor and player on The Amazing Race, Maria has now decided to take part in yet another reality show. This time, the show will focus on poker and will hopefully bring a new audience to the game.

Maria has figured out that reality television is most likely the best way to bring new fans to the game of poker. The pro stated the television viewers enjoy watching reality shows because they become involved with the people on the show. Viewers also want to live through the characters perspective and the different lifestyles can peak a viewer’s interest.

Maria spoke with PokerListings and gave her insight into the subject further by stating: “The show’s really about the characters and their relationships but it’s set in this exciting world where we might be in Monte Carlo one week and the Bahamas the next week. It’s about us trying to find a balance between the lifestyle and everything else that’s going on in our lives.  Not everyone can relate to the poker lifestyle stuff, which I think they’ll find interesting, but they can definitely relate to the stuff that we’re all going through.”

The new featuring Maria is rumored to be titled Queens are Wild and will follow Maria and three other top poker pros of the female persuasion. This is the only information currently available about the show but it does sound interesting. Hopefully the new reality show will do quite well and show everyone an inside look into the game of poker from the female perspective.

Tiger’s Poker Night to take place this weekend

Tiger Woods will be partnering with the World Poker Tour for the second year in a row this weekend to host the Tiger’s Poker Night charity event. This will be the second time the event has taken place consecutively and will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation. The event is scheduled to take place on the 17th and will feature Phil Hellmuth as the emcee of the event.

The tournament is part of the two day event hosted by Woods titled the Tiger Jam. This event is for those who enjoy golf, poker and cuisine and all these experiences are available for a price. The poker event as well as other happenings will be covered by the WPT and will be aired in the future on FSN.

Players participating in the event will have access to winning great prizes including a golf game with Tiger himself! Players will also be earning spots on the PGA Tour Pro-Am event. The event will also feature a Pre-Jam Party with Lifehouse performing and Kid Rock hosting a concert the very next night. The event is scheduled to take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Several top pros will get on the charity poker tournament action. Alongside Hellmuth, Mike Sexton and Doyle Brunson will also be competing. The event has a buy-in of $10,000 and proceeds will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation.

The Tiger Jam event was first launched back in 1998 and in a decade and a half, the event has raised over $14 million. The event benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation which helps children earn scholarships for learning opportunities as well as classes that focus on college and career. Woods also offers the Tiger Woods Learning Centers opportunities which provide hands-on options for children in fifth to twelfth grade.





Poker Dealer Fighting Large Fine in Gambling Theft Case

In the state of Pennsylvania, there is a law that was created to protect the gambling industry. The law imposes a very large fine on anyone who steals from a casino in the state. Matthew Eisenberg, a twenty seven year old poker dealer, is now fighting this law in his casino theft case.

Eisenberg worked at The Rivers Casino and decided to place $200 of casino chips to himself for tips. He was caught in the act and was charged for the crime. He decided to plead guilty and now faces a fine of $75,000 minimum. This is an outrageous amount of money especially considering Eisenberg only stole $200. Even more surprising is that the maximum fine for this crime is $150,000.

The lawyer representing Eisenberg is asking the court to take away the fine as it is excessive according to the constitution of the state and considered cruel and unusual punishment based on the US constitution. The crime is clear, Eisenberg knows what he did was wrong but to have to pay years in the amount of salary for $200 seems absurd.

Officials of the state say the fine is set to punish as well as deter thefts from happening within the gambling establishments. Michael Santicola, the lawyer representing Eisenberg for free, states that they realize this battle is an uphill one but one that they believe is worth taking.

Amy Constantine is the Assistant District Attorney in the case and she argues that research has been conducted of the legislative history of the law statute and they found that stiff fines were created to lawmakers concerns who were opposed to gambling. The laws were created in a sense to discourage any type of perception of illegality.

It will be interesting to see if the fine will eventually be lowered in this case or if the former poker dealer will have to pay a very large amount of money for one small mistake.