Michigan Senator Fighting for Fantasy Sports as Game of Skill

For years, poker players have tried to have the game classified as a game of skill. When it is, the game can usually bypass laws and be played at home, casinos, basically anywhere. One senator in the state of Michigan is now taking the game of skill fight to fantasy sports to see Michigan continue to offer the activity.

Senate Bill 459 was created by State Senator Curtis Hertel and if passed, would take action against fantasy sports in Michigan. The activity would be considered illegal, when currently there is nothing that bans the activity within the state.

In the state, it is illegal to have unregulated betting on games of chance. If fantasy sports could be classified as a game of skill, the activity would be legal in the state, even for wagering. Hertel recently released a statement on his beliefs stating that in a three week time span as many as 1 million citizens in the state will be gathering to draft fantasy football teams. Hertel feels there is no legislation in place to protect citizens who participate in fantasy sports. The Senator wants to ensure citizens of the state are protected.

Fantasy sports creates about $3 to $5 billion in revenues each and every year with as many as 57 million people in the United States taking part. Michigan residents are among those who enjoy the activity and the senator wants to ensure that everyone can take part with the proper regulations in place.

It will be interesting to see how far the legislation moves in the state. While most states are focused on poker or casino gaming, land-based and online, Michigan just wants to be able to participate in sports betting on fantasy sports teams without any retribution. The bill will now be considered and must move forward before it can become law.

Casino Gaming and Sports Betting on PokerStars Agenda

pokerstarsPokerStars is known for offering the best online poker gaming in the business from poker tournaments to cash gaming. However, since the Amaya acquisition, the site has begun to consider even more gaming options. According to recent reports by the company, PokerStars will soon offer blackjack and roulette by the end of the year and then move in to sports betting by 2015.

Blackjack and roulette will be available on PokerStars gaming sites by the end of the year and will mark the first games offered other than poker variants. Almost half of the current player base at PokerStars will have access to these games. This will not include players in the US as PokerStars is not available in the market as of yet.

PokerStars announced via press release that the company has thoroughly researched the gaming opportunity and spends a great deal of time talking to players and customers of the site at both PokerStars and Full Tilt. The research concluded that casino gaming is an option players want and Amaya started with Full Tilt offering casino games just a few months ago.

Amaya is confident that adding casino games to PokerStars will add more value to the site as well as help to bolster the core poker offering. The site also plans on adding sports betting gaming by 2015 as well which will be yet another variation from the original offering of PokerStars but one that is expected to do well.

Amidst all the research and changes, PokerStars has also been trying to get in to the United States online gaming market starting with New Jersey or possibly California in the near future. Currently, the New Jersey Department of Gaming are reviewing the Amaya Gaming application but a decision is not expected to be made on the application until next year.