Chris Ferguson Receives Poor Reception during WSOP Gaming

Poker players from around the world have been visiting Las Vegas, Nevada over the past few weeks to take part in the 2016 World Series of Poker. Amateurs as well as well-known pros have taken to the felt in the hopes of earning WSOP gold, earning top prize money and being cheered on for their efforts. While this has been taking place, there have also been a few boos from the audience as players who are not seen in a positive light try to compete in various WSOP events.

One of the most notable occurrences in the poker world is known as Black Friday. Back in April of 2011, this day marked the time when online poker would be no more in the United States, at least for a few years. Several poker players were connected to online poker sites that owed players money after Black Friday including Chris Ferguson.

Ferguson was a top player back in the day, having held the position as the Director of Full Tilt Poker in the past. Ferguson played well in tournaments and was respected as a contributor to the game in a variety of ways. However, his association with problems in the poker industry gave the pro a bad reputation and his appearance at the 2016 WSOP was not left unnoticed.

The pro competed in events of the series including the most recent $10,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Ferguson was actually able to make it quite far in the competition, earning a 4th place finish. When he made the final table, a series of boos and cat-calls begin, even heckling from those in attendance. However, there were also those in attendance who supported Ferguson and began to yell as well.

Ferguson has not been willing to talk about the incident at the WSOP or discuss the fiasco known as Full Tilt Poker, in the past. With such a poor reception during the WSOP event, it will be interesting to see if the pro continues to compete as the WSOP moves forward.

Phil Hellmuth Loses out on Main Event to Daniel Negreanu

Image result for wsopIt is never easy to be eliminated from a big poker event, especially the WSOP Main Event. Top poker pro Phil Hellmuth had his eyes on yet another WSOP bracelet for 2015 but fell short in the most anticipated event of the year. On Saturday, Hellmuth was up against fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu when he was eliminated in 417th place.

During the hand, Hellmuth bet 20,000 and was called by a fellow opponent who was in the small blind. Negreanu then three bet to 56,000 and Hellmuth then four bet to 295,000. The small blind player folded and Negreanu called, telling Hellmuth the felt they had the same hand.

However, they did not. Hellmuth showed pocket queens while Negreanu held A-K suited clubs. The flop of K-9-3 gave Negreanu the higher pair and a Jack on the turn gave Hellmuth the option of earning a straight. However the 5 on the river sealed his fate as Negreanu won the hand.

After being eliminated, Hellmuth took to Twitter stating that Negreanu was lucky he had only pocket queens after his fellow pro felt like they had the same hand. Negreanu also took to Twitter, stated that it was bittersweet to have busted his buddy during the Main Event.

During game play, Hellmuth was paired with some tough competition, having Phil Ivey at his table during day one. Hellmuth ended up doubling up Ivey at one point during game play. For the pro, he did have a good finish, earning $21,786 for his efforts. We will now watch and see as the Main Event continues to play down to the final table.

Once the final table is configured, the players will get a long break until November. When fall arrives, the players will return to the felt to see who can claim the first place prize.



Quinn Do Earns 2nd WSOP Bracelet with $10,000 Dealers Choice Win

Image result for wsopEarning multiple WSOP bracelets seems to be the name of the game in this year’s World Series of Poker. Quinn Do now joins a list of poker players who have earned multiple gold bracelets during the WSOP. Taking part in the $10,000 Dealers Choice event, Do has now earned 2 bracelets after outlasting the 108 players in the event.

The tournament had a prize poll of just over $1 million and saw top players competing in the event. Quinn Do was able to outlast the field of the best pros to earn the first place prize of $319,792, earning his second WSOP bracelet of his career. The first bracelet for Do came in 2005 when he won a Limit Hold’em event with a buy-in of $2,500.

Do commented that winning the bracelet this year was much better than the first as it was for Mixed Games, something that Do has worked on for some time. The pro spent ten years playing the games to be able to come to the WSOP and win the event, which was better for him and his game play.

The final table of the event consisted of six players, four of which are WSOP bracelet winners. Do would face a tough field including Adam Friedman, Jeff Madsen and Rep Porter. In the end, Quinn Do would defeat Rep Porter in the final round to earn the first place win.

The WSOP continue with the Day 1A of the Main Event having started just yesterday. With the Main Event, the series will conclude as the final table is chosen. The final table players will return in November to finish out the event to see who the big winner will be.

Final Results of the WSOP Dealer’s Choice Event:

First Place Quinn Do $319,792
Second Place Rep Porter $197,608
Third Place Jeff Madsen $129,651
Fourth Place Jake Abdalla $89,114
Fifth Place Adam Friedman $63,277
Sixth Place Jussi Nevanlinna $46,384




One Drop High Roller Event Creates $14million+ Prize Pool

Image result for wsopWhen the World Series of Poker rolls around, poker players know to expect certain events. The schedule is basically the same with a few tweaks and changes each and every year. This year, the WSOP brought back the Big One for One Drop in the form of the One Drop High Roller event. The series tournament had a buy-in of $111,111 of which $11,111 would be placed in a donation fund for the One Drop Foundation.

This year, the event saw 135 players register and created prize pool of $14,249,925. With the donations of each buy-in, over $750,000 was raised for the One Drop Charity. The top sixteen players will earn a payday with players earned at least $251,000+ with a first place prize of just over $3.9 million.

In the event, amateurs as well as pros have signed on to try and earn the massive first place prize. Included in game play are Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Anthony Gregg, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Galfond. Play will only take place for 2 days, creating a speedy tournament for those participating.

By the end of day one, last year’s Big One For One Drop champion Daniel Colman was the chip leader with only 46 players remaining. Notable players holding high chip counts including Phil Hellmuth, Sorel Mizzi and Andrew Lichtenberger.

Play begins again today with the winner announced as soon as the final two go head to head. It will be interesting to see who earns the first place finish, be it a pro or amateur player. After his event concludes, the WSOP will still have a few choice events before the Main Event begins and the series will conclude until the Main Event concludes in the fall. We will continue to cover this event and many more as the WSOP comes to a close.

2nd WSOP Bracelet Earned in 2015 by Brian Hastings

Image result for wsopBrian Hastings has done quite well for 2015 in the World Series of Poker, having just earned his 2nd gold bracelet of the series. Each year for as many as 13 years running, players have earned consecutive gold bracelets of two each. Brian Hastings kept the double winning streak alive for this year by earning the first place finish of the $1,500 10-game mix tournament, earning the bracelet and $133,403 in the process.

This was the second gold bracelet for Hastings within a ten day time frame and his third overall. He won his first WSOP bracelet back in 2012 when he competed in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em heads-up event. The second one took place just a few days ago during the $10,000 seven card stud tournament.

In the latest event, Hastings was up against a field of 380 players with a total of $513,500 up for grabs. There were ten different poker variants offered in the tournament which included the following:

  • Limit Hold’em
  • No Limit Hold’em
  • Triple draw
  • No Limit 2-7 single draw
  • Pot-limit Omaha
  • Omaha eight or better
  • Stud
  • Razz
  • Stud eight or better
  • Badugi

Several players were able to compete in the event and managed to do quite well. These players included Todd Brunson, Mike Watson, Dan Kelly and Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth made it to 17th place and had the potential to earn his 15th career bracelet but fell short of the event final table. In the end, Hastings had to defeat Rostislav Tsodikov in the final round to earn the first place win and his second World Series Of Poker bracelet of 2015. The WSOP continues with many events still left on the schedule including the much-anticipated Main Event and high roller events.

Final Results:

Finish Player Name Prize  
First Brian Hastings $133,403  
Second Rostislav Tsodikov $82,398  
Third Todd Brunson $52,977  
Fourth Alexey Makarov $35,130  
Fifth Tim Reusch $23,982  
Sixth Mike Watson $16,846  




Brian Hastings Earns WSOP Win; Plus Side Bet Cash

Image result for wsopBetting on yourself is always a safe bet, especially when you have confidence in your skills. Brian Hastings never hesitated to bet on himself during World Series of Poker game play and now has a new WSOP bracelet and some side cash to spend. Hastings recently competed in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud event of the 2015 WSOP and was able to outlast the field to earn the first place win plus a few extras.

After the win, Hastings felt great about his accomplishment. Commenting on the win, Hastings stated that this type of event is something that a lot of older and more established players would take part in and he feels good as he had high expectations for himself in this event. The pro was not very good at Stud and had to work for many years to feel good about his game play.

During the start of this year’s WSOP, Hastings had been on Twitter and taking bets with other players as to how well he would do in events. Thanks to the side bets and his win, Hastings now will be receiving more than $400,000 for his effort. He is earning twice the money for the event with the side bets but will not be stating who the wagers were with.

With the win, Hastings has earned more than $1.1 million during WSOP game play and earned his fifth cash out this year. The 26 year old has done quite well and shows no sign of stopping as he moves on to additional WSOP events.

Final Results:

  1. BrianHastings – $239,518
  2. ScottClements – $148,001
  3. Dan Kelly – $92,691
  4. Chris George – $67,114
  5. Oxana Cummings – $52,453
  6. Harley Thrower – $41,829
  7. Mikhail Semin – $33,967
  8. Max Pescatori – $28,031



Shaun Deeb Earns First WSOP Bracelet

Image result for wsop 2015Shaun Deeb is no stranger to earning massive prizes due to his poker game play. In both online and tournament game play, Deeb has successfully made a name for himself. Despite his success, the pro was never able to earn a WSOP gold bracelet that is until this past Saturday.

On June the 6th, Deeb competed in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em Championship and managed to earn the first place win, capturing his very first WSOP gold bracelet. After the event was over, Deeb was felt as though he had proven himself by winning on the biggest stage of all. He wanted to cross off a WSOP win from his list for quite some time and has now been able to do so.

The event saw 128 players competing and many top players were in play including Paul Volpe, Sam Stein, Greg Merson, Jason Les and Jason Koon. Deeb would begin the final day of the tournament holding the 4th spot in chips and would then finally face Volpe in heads up play.

Deeb would gain the chip lead and would make a move that would lead to the final hand. By raising 120,000 from the button, Volpe would call and see a flop of A-5-2. After the flop, Volpe would wager 130,000 and Deeb would call. A 7 on the turn would see Volpe betting 290,000 and Deeb called. A 5 on the river would pair the board and Volpe would bet 1,080,000 with only 10,000 left in his chip stack.

Deeb would move all-in and Volpe would push in the remainder. Deeb showed pocket aces for a rivered full house and claim the first place win.

Final Results:

First                       Shaun Deeb                       $318,857

Second                 Paul Volpe                          $197,048

Third                      Jason Les                             $142,747

Fourth                  Sam Stein                            $105,364

Fifth                       Gregory Merson              $79,182

Sixth                      Dario Sammartino            $60,545

Seventh               Kristijonas Andrulis         $47,081

Eighth                   Ismael Bojang                    $37,227

Ninth                     Jason Koon                         $29,911




Hollywood Celeb Makes WSOP Final Table

The 2015 World Series of Poker is in full swing and many celebrities and sports stars take part in the many tournament events, alongside the top pros in the industry. Some celebs, even make the game of poker a pastime or secondary career. It was just recently revealed that actor James Woods has earned a spot at the final table while competing in the No Limit Hold’em Shootout event.

The $3,000 buy-in is chump change for the actor who has starred in countless hit movies. In the event, which began on Wednesday, Woods was able to outlast the competition and make it to final table play. On Twitter, Woods posted that ‘Life is Good’ with updates to the WSOP event.

In this tournament, players must win at their table to advance to the next round of competition. Basically the Shootout is a series of single-table tournaments and the winner will take home a gold bracelet, the most coveted prize of the WSOP. Woods defeated poker pro Athanasios Polychronopoulos in heads up play on Thursday to move on to Friday where he took on Doug Polk. Woods would be victorious and move on to the next round, final table play.

Final table play continued over the weekend and Woods winning streak would end. The famous movie star would go out in 7th place but would be happy to have earned his first final table appearance in the WSOP. In the end it would be Nick Petrangelo who defeated Jason Les to earn the first place win that included the gold WSOP bracelet.

This would be a first bracelet for Petrangelo and would help the pro earn over $1 million for the year in tournament winnings. The action continues as more pros and celebrities hit the gaming tables to take part in the best events in the poker industry! Announces Poker Series for Nevada and Delaware

The state of Delaware recently begin sharing poker liquidity with the state of Nevada, creating the first ever interstate gaming opportunity within the United States. Part of this partnership is the World Series of Poker brand, which will offer a new poker series this April for both states. Just a few days after the partnership was announced, the WSOP has announced the Spring Poker Series which will offer $100,000 in guaranteed prize money.

From the 12th to the 19th of April, the WSOP will play host to the Spring Poker Series which will feature eight events. The buy-ins of said events will range from a low $10 to $200 on the high end. The very first event of the series will include a $200 no limit hold’em reentry event which will have a guaranteed prize pool of $30,000.

Because the WSOP offers gaming in New Jersey and Nevada, players in both states will be able to take part. With the recent multi state network launch by 888 Holdings, players in Delaware will also have the opportunity to be part of the gaming options of the Spring Poker Series. The schedules for game play in each state are a bit different with each schedule listed below.

WSOP NJ Schedule:

April 12th              5pm       No Limit Hold’em Reentry                            $200 buy-in         $30,000 guarantee

April 13th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em                                             $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 14th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em Turbo Rebuy/Addon  $20 buy-in           $3,000 guarantee

April 15th              6pm       Pot Limit Omaha-Rebuy/Addon                $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 16th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-Turbo Rebuy/addon  $10 buy-in           $2,000 guarantee

April 17th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-Super Turbo rebuy     $30 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 18th              3pm       No Limit Hold’em-6 handed rebuy/add  $100 buy-in         $10,000 guarantee

April 19th              5pm       No Limit Hold’em- rebuy/add-on              $200 buy-in         $40,000 guarantee


Nevada Schedule:

April 12th              4pm       No Limit Hold’em-reentry                            $200 buy-in         $30,000 guarantee

April 13th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em                                             $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 14th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-turbo rebuy/addon    $20 buy-in           $3,000 guarantee

April 15h              6pm       Pot Limit Omaha-rebuy/addon                  $50 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 16th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-turbo rebuy/addon    $10 buy-in           $2,000 guarantee

April 17th              6pm       No Limit Hold’em-super turbo rebuy/ad               $30 buy-in           $5,000 guarantee

April 18th              3pm       No Limit Hold’em-6 handed rebuy/add  $100 buy-in         $10,000 guarantee

April 19th              4pm       No Limit Hold’em-Rebuy/add-on              $200 buy-in         $40,000 guarantee



World Series of Poker Extends Circuit Events Internationally

For years the World Series of Poker has provided an extensive array of poker tournament options from the ever-popular World Series of Poker in Nevada to the traveling circuit events. The brand recently announced the Circuit events will be traveling abroad with three new countries in the mix. The first of these new tournaments is scheduled to begin on the 7th of March.

The new stops of the series will kick off in Marrakesh and based on the statements of Ty Stewart, the Executive Director of the WSOP, it is time the WSOP emphasizes the term ‘World’ as being a more aggressive partner with top casino operators.

The brand already offers the WSOP Europe option, which provides the opportunity to earn full WSOP bracelets. The WSOP Circuit events do not reward rings but bracelets. With the Circuit events, there are 20 places around the US that play host to such events. Buy-ins are lower than the Las Vegas events so players are able to compete more than they would at the one WSOP stop in Nevada.

The Circuit will now visit Italy and Morocco with an event expected for Mexico in the near future. The new international tournaments will see a winner heading to the 2016 WSOP International Casino Championship which will be a $1 million freeroll event. Besides the top $1 million prize, the winner will also receive a WSOP bracelet.

For the Italy event, the Casino of Campione d’Italia will be hosting and should make for an interesting stop on the Circuit. The WSOP has created an agreement as well in Monterrey Mexico with the Jubilee Casino to host events in the future. This deal actually involves creating a poker room branded after the WSOP and if built, would be the first of its kind outside the United States.