Loni Harwood continues WSOP Circuit Run with 3rd Ring Win

Loni Harwood has been quite successful taking part in the World Series of Poker Circuit events, having just recently earned her third ring. The most recent win took place after Harwood took part in the 2017 World Series of Poker Circuit Palm Beach Kennel Club No Limit Hold’em Re-entry event. The tournament had a $365 buy-in and by the end of the tournament, Harwood was $61,156 richer and had earned her 3rd gold ring.

Harwood has already seen success during game play this year before the WSOP Circuit win by finishing third in the $1 million guaranteed no limit hold’em tournament that took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open. The $1,100 buy-in event provided Harwood with a prize of just over $110,000.

During the most recent WSOPC win, Harwood held a major chip lead when the final day of game play took place. 11.2 million chips were in play and Harwood held 7.7 million with only four players left to compete. It would only take an hour for the poker pro to earn the title after eliminating the three opponents.

The final hand would see A.J. Kelsall go all-in pre-flop and Harwood would call. Kelsall held A-5 while Hardwood was holding pocket deuces. The pair would hold up and give Harwood the WSOPC win. The poker pro was excited about the win and continues to show her skill when hitting the poker tables.

Final Results of the WSOPC event:

First Place Loni Harwood $61,156
Second Place Andrew Kelsall $37,772
Third Place Alex Nguyen $28,068
Fourth Place Keith Labarrie $21,111
Fifth Place Frank Muir $16,075
Sixth Place Lawrence Paden $12,385
Seventh Place John Depersio $9,654
Eighth Place Robert Georato $7,610
Ninth Place Debra Dorcy $6,065

The World Series of Poker Circuit continues and Harwood is sure to continue taking part in events in the hopes of securing a fourth gold ring.

2014 WSOPC Main Event Win Goes To Dominik Nitsche

The 2014 World Series of Poker Circuit National Championship Main Event began last week and featured $1,260,000 prize pool. The first place win of $352,800 would go to Dominik Nitsche who outlasted the 126 players in the competition to win the event.  Nitsche would claim his second gold bracelet and bragging rights after earning the win, in New Jersey.

It was back in 2012 that the pro earned his first WSOP bracelet and he was one of 26 players to post a $10,000 buy-in to compete in this year’s Main Event. The twenty three year old is from Germany and with the win, began the first every non-American to win the National Champioshp of the WSOPC as well as the first time a WSOP Player of the Year qualifier won the event.

The final table had several top pros competing including Matthew Ashton, Ylon Schwatz and Athanasios Polychronopoulos. Speaking to WSOP.com after the win, Nitsche stated that it is always nice to win a tournament but especially in a tough field like the WSOP. The pro defeated Athanasois to earn the win and stated that it is extra sweet to defeat the pro as he is a good player and a friend. The winner added that it is always ‘extra sweet’ to defeat someone who is really strong.

The WSOPC National Championship Main Event took place in Atlantic City at Bally’s for the very first time and was a great success. It will be interesting to see if the state will host the event again next year. Below are the payouts and player finishes during the tournament.

  • First                       Dominik Nitsche                                               $352,800
  • Second                 Athanasios Polychronopoulos                    $218,056
  • Third                      Matthew Ashton                                             $157,399
  • Fourth                  Christopher Bibb                                              $115,655
  • Fifth                       Tracy Doss                                                           $86,461
  • Sixth                      Andrew Robinson                                            $65,734
  • Seventh               Ylon Schwartz                                                    $50,816
  • Eighth                   Jeffrey Gunnip                                                  $39,917
  • Ninth                     Sean Lippel                                                         $31,865

WSOPC Harrah’s New Orleans Title goes to Luke Graham

The World Series of Poker Circuit continues to travel around the globe and offer players an opportunity to compete in high profile events with top pros and amateurs. The latest event to finish up is the Harrah’s New Orleans event. This tournament had a buy-in of $1,675 and was in no-limit hold’em format. The event had a total of 762 players competing and it was Luke Graham who earned the first place finish.

With so many players competing, the event had a prize of $1,143,000. Graham was able to outlast the field of competitors and earned $228,600 of the large prize pool. Graham also earned a gold ring for the finish as well. A $1,000,000 WSOP National Championship seat was also given to Graham with the win. This event will take place on May 22nd to the 24th and will reward a gold bracelet to the winner.

The tournament would whittle down to four handed play and it was be Graham, Joseph Hebert, Kasra Khodayarkhani and Daniel Weinman left in game play. After almost three hours, Weinman would be eliminated by Hebert and soon Kasra would be eliminated by Graham. This would leave both Graham and Hebert even in chip count.

By Level 36, it would take just two hands for the tournament to be over. On the final hand, Hebert opened with 360,000 and Graham called. 2-8-3 on the flop and Graham would check. Hebert would bet 300,000 and Graham check-raised 600,000. Hebert then hit 1.1 million and Graham called. A 3 on the turn made Graham check-call 1.25 million and then check the 3 on the river. Hebert moved all in and Graham called after asking Hebert if he had pocket tens.

Hebert showed 10-7 after Graham called and then was shocked to see Graham holding 8-K for the full house. Hebert only had 500,000 left and he would go all in on the next hand only to be eliminated with A-8 of Graham.

Final Results:

1 Luke Graham $228,600
2 Joseph Herbert $140,932
3 Kasra Khodayarkhani $103,899
4 Daniel Weinman $77,438
5 Rogen Chhabra $58,487
6 Dan Schmiech $44,748
7 Tripp Kirk $34,667
8 Ben Mintz $27,192
9 Pavan Bhatia $21,591