Best Poker Sites for Sit and Go’s

There are few poker sites out there that I would label as the “best.” Fortunately for you, we’ve found and reviewed the absolute best poker sites for sit and go’s and listed them for you below.

These sites are great for MTTs, too, hosting thousands, if not millions in dollars in guaranteed tournaments every month.

To get started just choose a site (you might consider reading the reviews first). Then visit the site, create an account, download the software and make a real money deposit, and you’ll be all set. You’ll be playing your favorite sit and go before you know it.

What the Best SNG Poker Sites Have

I mentioned above that there are few sit and go poker sites worth playing at. That’s because most sites lack important components. Components such as…

1. Traffic

Unlike cash games, sit and go tournaments don’t start once someone sits down. They only start when all the games have filled up.

The only way for sit and goes to fill up (consistently) is if the poker site gets traffic.

How much traffic? That depends, but I think somewhere in the range of 7-10,000 players is a good start. Sites like Carbon Poker are good examples of smaller sites that can keep sit and go (regular) players busy. PokerStars, and to some extent Full Tilt Poker, completely dominate in terms of traffic. You can’t go wrong at any of these sites.

2. Game Variety

Even though I prefer to stick to the same game, just so that I can get the strategies down and learn who the regulars are, even I get bored sometimes. I know a lot of my friends and peers do, too.

The best poker sites for sit and go players will have variety. They won’t just have single table tournaments, they’ll have multi-table tournaments. They won’t just have non-turbo games, but they’ll have turbo, super turbo and hyper turbo games, too.

Other than game variation, different games than holdem are great, too. A lot of players are moving to games like omaha, stud and mixed games to diversify their skill set, as well as for a change of pace.

3. Quick Withdrawals

A lot of guys (like me) play sit and goes to win money. We don’t play for a living, but play for a mixture of enjoyment plus the opportunity to make money on the side. So getting our money in a reasonable timeframe is important. We’re counting on it.

So I recommend signing up to a site that offers quick withdrawals. A site that takes days, maybe a couple of weeks to get your payment to you. The last thing you want to do is sign up to a site that takes 8 weeks to pay you, then emails to tell you that your payment didn’t go through and that you need to request another withdrawal.

My best experience has been with PokerStars. I requested my first ever wire from them and it was in my bank account the next day. That’s not common, though, just so you know. But even receiving my money in 5-7 business days would’ve been great.

The best sites are able to do that.

4. Satellites and Step Tournaments

I recommend looking for a poker site that offers satellites and step tournaments. Most sites do nowadays.

Satellites and step tournaments will give you the opportunity to earn a seat to a larger tournament, either online or live, for a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you were to buy-in directly.

For example, with step tournaments you can buy in for $.50 or $1 and work your way up to tournaments with buy-ins of $100, $200 or even $500. You get a lot of value out of these, too, because if you lose one game you move down and will get another shot. You could very well play multiple games on a few bucks, not to mention still win some cash or a tournament seat. Entertainment + cash money for the win!

5. Guaranteed Tournaments

I look for guaranteed tournaments when searching for a new sng poker site. Not just the huge tournaments either. Everyone has those. What I like to find are the smaller guaranteed tournaments that run everyday, or have something special about them, like BetOnline’s $50 guarantees. These have a buy-in of $1. These are a great way for guys with smaller bankrolls to quickly build and move up in stakes.

6. Deposit Options

Before signing up you’ll want to make sure the site you’re interested in has the deposit options you want to use. Most will have Visa, MasterCard and American Express, but because these have a relatively high rate of declines in the US and Canada, I recommend making sure there is a backup option you can use. Look for an ewallet or cash transfer service like Western Union.

You might also consider trying to find a site that offers banking for free. Most sites offer deposits for free, but many charge you for withdrawals. Only a few sites, like PokerStars, offer (nearly) 100% free banking.

7. US Customers

If you’re a US player than you’ll obviously have a harder time finding a site. This narrows your options from few to even fewer. It’s even worse if you live in a state like Washington or Utah, as many US accepting poker sites prohibit players from these states from even signing up.

But US accepting poker sites do exist. Websites like ours and one of my personal favorites at offer valuable information in the world of USA-facing online poker rooms and are always updating content and reviews to reflect that.

Personally, for those looking for a legitimate room to play at I would recommend Americas Cardroom and Bovada for US players (in that order). Both are solid in terms of reputation, banking and promotions, and both sites run sit and go tournaments consistently. Carbon Poker is better, in my opinion, because they have more traffic, more guaranteed tournaments and game selection. But you can’t go wrong checking out either option.